Do Men Know what they Want?

As men we think we know what we want, but, can we really trust ourselves? Neuromarketing proves us wrong.

Trendhim, a Danish men accessories company, curious to discover whether or not men are reliable people, carried out a neuromarketing challenge where they had men from different countries, temporarily dedicate their brains to science, by letting them put a brain scanner on their heads. The purpose was to get a deeper insight in the contradictions between what men say and what they do, and well, 50% of the participants said one thing and the brain scanner indicated the opposite.

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The participants where nine men from nine different countries that were asked the same question while being monitored with an EEG scanner. The one million dollar question was whether men prefer hard, or soft presents.  They mostly answered the same, but their brains literally lit up – the centers in the brain that govern lust and desire showed that the warnings had the opposite effect.

The human subconscious is a huge variable that we cannot always control and make us realize that people, and not only men, are not always logical human beings. We make decisions based on our intuition. In most occasions, we trust our gut, and that leads us to make wrong choices from time to time. In Trendhim’s study, the decision of choosing package X or package Y, is not a matter of life or death, but helps us understand that even in the most simple decisions, we can fail to know what we really want.

66% of the participants in Trendhim’s study said they preferred hard presents, and the remaining preferred soft presents. But they were wrong. As it turns out, 88% of the participants preferred soft presents, which means that 50% of them said one thing, but the brain scanner indicated the opposite.

Our gut says something, but our brain demonstrates the opposite, and for some reason, our gut always win.

Do you know someone who says one thing and does the opposite?

Read the full study here.

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