Nerve-Settling Tips for First-Time Drivers

There is no doubt that learning to drive can be an exciting and daunting process in equal measures. You suddenly have all this power, but along with that, comes a huge amount of responsibility (to paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spiderman!). Well, in this article, we are going to give you a few tips if you are just starting out on your driving life. Hopefully, reading through these will help to settle your nerves and make you feel ready to hit the open road with confidence.


Get to Know Your Car

When you become a more experienced driver, you will become more used to switching between vehicles. However, when you are first starting out, you should take the time to get used to your individual car. Learn about all the different controls including lights, wipers and heating controls so you don’t end up spraying windscreen washer fluid rather than indicate! And you should also take the time to learn what is going on underneath the bonnet as well as inside the car.

Consider Lesson Frequency

Whether you enrol in a driving school, get taught be a friend or family member or a combination of the two, you need to think about how often you are going to have lessons. If you are just going for an hour a week, you may find that you are having to catch up in the first few minutes of every lesson. Of course, the more you practice something, the quicker your skills will develop. You should also take the time to pick the right instructor with a proven track record of success.

Don’t Fret About Mistakes

Though it may feel like the most mortifying thing in the world when you stall at the front of a big line of traffic, everyone has been in exactly the same situation as you. You can’t hope to learn anything without making a few mistakes, so don’t dwell on them and let them ruin your overall driving experience. In the long-run, you will become a better driver because you move past them and keep going forwards.

Breathe and Visualise

If you are particularly nervous whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, it can help you out significantly to do some breathing and visualisation techniques. So, try breathing in and out slowly to calm your whole body down. This is a proven technique for reducing anxiety in people. Also, try to visualise yourself after you have passed your test, and what a wonderful feeling this will be as a way of motivating yourself to overcome the challenges in front of you.

These are just a few ways of settling your nerves when you are embarking on driving as a learner. Remember, what you are going through is something that happens to all drivers during their lifetime. But, over time and with a lot of practice, you will overcome your anxiety and be more comfortable getting behind the wheel of a car every time.

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