How To Create A Functional Minimalist Home

Sometimes we can feel like we are drowning in our own homes. The coffee table is covered in clutter, the walls are covered in photos. We might want a house that shouts personality and oozes  bachelor pad but can we do it in a way that is less cluttered?


Our homes should be somewhere that we can retreat to, we want our home to look less like a cluttered cave and more like a peaceful haven. A minimal home will give us the ultimate in stylish living and it is also restful and relaxing. However, Is it even possible for a bachelor pad to become a minimalist’s dream?

You Don’t Need To Banish Your Gadgets

You might think a minimalist home is all stark white walls and one seat in a vast room, but it really isn’t. You can have  a minimalist home that is stylish and practical. You don’t need to be getting rid of all of your gadgets, you just need to find a home for them. You don’t want a pile of gadgets on your settee, instead you should be getting into the habit of putting them away. A gloss coffee table with storage is the perfect solution. It not only looks sleek with its clean lines, but it also cleverly conceals your gadgets and gives the impression of a clutter free home.

You Don’t Need To Go Nude

Nude walls in every room is never a good look. Bare can most definitely equal bland. However, less is more.  Instead of putting art or photos on every wall in the room, try and keep one wall bare in the room. This bare wall will act as a calm contrast to the other walls. Identify what photos and art give you joy and keep those on your walls, anything else should come down.. Don’t be afraid to throw anything out.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

You want your home to feel open and airy. Decorating your house in dark colours will make it feel closed. Using light colours on the walls will open your home up and make it feel light and bright. The Dulux paint range have some specially formulated paint that is designed to make a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Try The Kon Marie Method

Marie Kondo’s method is a new way of life. This is a new approach to decluttering based on Japanese values. It can be explained as a state of mind that encourages you to cherish the things in your life that spark joy. It teaches you how to live a clutter free and happier life.

You Won’t Move Into Minimalism Overnight

You will have to change your whole thinking and approach to life. You will need to train yourself to put things away on a daily basis, and to clean up as you go along. You will have to buy less, asking yourself if you really need what you are buying. However, it is really is worth trying to implement this new way of thinking. A minimalist home will have you feeling more peaceful. You will also find that you probably feel less anxious.

We have all heard of the saying

“A tidy home, tidy mind”

It’s true. We all need to Declutter now and find our inner zen.

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