Can’t Ski, Won’t Ski? Non-Skier’s Guide To A Winter Holiday

Why go skiing if you can’t ski? Well, no one says you have to be a virtuoso. Sure, there will be times when you are on the slopes cutting shapes. But, non-skiers don’t want to spend all day falling and getting up again. It’s tiring and it hurts! For the novices reading this, here are the ways to enjoy a winter holiday on the slopes.


Go Big Before You Go Home

The great thing about a ski resort is the luxury. If you book the right place, there should be an unlimited amount of lavishness for the entire crew. Of course, it’s their fault if they prefer to roll around in snow than enjoy the delights of the resort. The trick is to research the area and find the digs which best suit your needs and budget. Anyone on the way to the Alps should consider the luxury catered Chalet La Varappe in Meribel because it has a stellar reputation. An alternative is Hotel The Omnia, a five-star residence in the Swiss Alps.

Spend A Day Eating And Drinking

One of the best things about a skiing holiday is the atmosphere. After a long day tearing up snow, people want to kick back and relax. The thing is the bar can get a little crowded during the evenings. In fact, people are five or six deep waiting for food and alcohol. To beat the night time traffic, get in early and sample the local delights. Even if there is no one else there, you can sit by the fire with a book, a three-course meal and a glass of wine.

Try A Different Sport

Skiing isn’t the only activity available on the majority of slopes around the world. Pretty much every snow-based sport you can imagine is accessible on a winter holiday. So, it makes sense to try something different to get the blood and adrenaline pumping. Snowboarding is a favourite among non-skiers, although it isn’t easy to master. Tobogganing is an easy sport full of adrenaline. The king of white-knuckle sports, though, has to be bobsleighing. Hurtling around a course, reaching up to 50 mph is terrifying!

Explore The Sites

Yes, ski slopes have attractions, but the majority of people are too busy, well, skiing. If the idea of another day’s hard slog doesn’t appeal, you can don your snow gear and explore the surrounding areas. A guide is a must because you may get lost, but a furry friend is on hand. Yep, a team of huskies will take you anywhere you want to go like a real Inuit. Or, you can take off to the skies and rent a helicopter for a day.

Practice Beforehand

Going on a winter holiday without hitting the slopes is pointless. You may not want to spend all holiday skiing, but you need to sample the sport. Therefore, lessons are always a good idea for novices. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend a couple of days in training on the baby slopes.

Non-skiers, the key is to mix it up the activities as much as possible.

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