Jumpstart Your Photography Hobby With These Sources of Inspiration

Photography is a wonderful hobby thanks to how accessible it is for amateurs. No longer do you need to purchase expensive equipment or carry around a who sack of gear. You can now use the built-in cameras on the latest smartphones to take beautiful pictures that could rival any mid-range camera. They are smaller, they come with plenty of options, and they go straight to digital meaning you can edit or touch-up photos on a cheap laptop or even built-in mobile apps.

With so much accessibility, you might be considering photography as a hobby. However, inspiration is always going to be a limiting factor. Luckily for you, we’ve listed a handful of tips that will jumpstart your photography hobby.


Shop Around

Shopping around is usually a fantastic way to gather inspiration from the most unlikely sources. Perhaps you browse a clothing store and you find a shirt print of a garden that inspires you to take some photographs of your own backyard. Maybe you found a commuter backpack that looks like it could fit a set of camera gear for convenient on-the-go professional photographs. Maybe your local shopping centre or street has plenty of photograph opportunities to capture the everyday lives of the stall owners and market-goers. Inspiration is everywhere around us, it just takes a keen eye to spot it.

Watch More Films

Nothing inspires the human mind like a carefully (or terribly) crafted story. Movies are fantastic for inspiration because they feature wild locations, unique stories and plenty of beautiful designs. While sitting at home watching films doesn’t sound productive, it’s a terrific way to inspire yourself when it comes to photography.

Use the Internet

The internet is a treasure trove full of unique ideas and opportunities assuming you know where to look. Flickr and Pinterest are two fantastic websites to search for images of all different kinds. There are pictures from professional photographers and amateurs alike. There are digitally rendered images and even old pictures from a bygone era. With millions of images available on the internet, you’re sure to be inspired by something unique and wonderful.

Look at Professional Shoots

The best way to learn is to study the professionals. There are services like 1st Option that specialise in giving photographers beautiful shooting locations that are suitable for a number of different things. These are the sort of idealistic locations that people take model shoots and demonstration pictures at, and it’s the perfect way to gather inspiration. Even looking at the pictures on the website is the perfect way to get some ideas. You could even take it a step further by hiring a location for a few hours and snapping up pictures of the interior or even asking a friend to pose for you.

Explore Your City

Lastly, there is plenty of inspiration around you if you’re willing to look. Take longer walks when you come home from work, go explore a local park or take a nice evening stroll with friends and family. Exploring the city you live in is a great way to learn more about the city you live in and also find places to take fresh photographs at.

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