Shaving Essentials

Shaving doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. With the right equipment and a bit of patience the perfect shave is easily achievable, meaning you end up feeling fresh, without any of the irritation.

Chemist4U explains what you need to keep in mind to get the most from your shave.

Hot wet shave

The right preparation is crucial. You need to reduce the resistance your facial hair provides when you shave. First if you have a lot of hair, like if you’re getting rid of a beard for instance, it’s worth cutting this down and removing some of the bulk with hair clippers or scissors before you start even trying to shave.

Then, once you’ve got the hair to a more manageable length, you can switch to a razor. To reduce irritation and reduce the risk of cutting yourself use plenty of hot water, or even shave after a shower. The heat and steam will help to soften your skin and hair to give you a much smoother shave.


Take care of sensitive skin

If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, especially after a shave, then consider using a shaving oil, or a shaving foam with a more sensitive formula. This helps you to have a much more comfortable shave and also helps to keep the irritation afterwards to a minimum.

There are plenty of different options available, including foams that moisturise while you shave, helping to take additional care of your skin.

Use shaving foam properly

A mistake people make when they shave is they don’t allow the shaving foam to sit for a few minutes first. This helps to soften your facial hair and skin which reduces the friction your razor can cause during your shave. Combined with the heat mentioned earlier this should go some way to giving you the smoothest possible shave.

While your shaving foam sits you can use that time to make sure your razor is ready and get your skincare ready for your post-shave routine.

Use the right sort of razor

All the preparation in the world can come unstuck if you don’t have the right tool for the job. The same goes for shaving, there’s no point going to all that effort to make sure your skin and hair is ready to shave to use a dull blade. Make sure you use a sharp blade when shaving, this cuts the best while a dull blade can catch and damage the skin.

Move slowly and shave with the grain of the hair. This helps to avoid cutting your skin and helps to prevent ingrown hair developing.

Taking your time means you don’t just avoid missing bits when you shave, it’s also kinder to your skin. Use shorter strokes and rinse your blade often, this keeps the blade clean and helps to avoid painful razor burn.

Post shave care

After you’ve finished shaving the next step is to take care of your skin. First rinse your face with cold water, this helps to close pores and cool your skin down.

Then, instead of aftershave, which can potentially dry out your skin due to its alcohol content, use an aftershave balm. These are specially formulated to reduce irritation and moisturise your skin.

Finding the right products to care for your skin before, during and after your shave is crucial, not only does this help to protect your skin, but it also helps to make the time and effort involved in shaving properly worth it, leaving you looking and feeling fresher and more comfortable.

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