The Essential Products Every Man Needs in his Grooming Bag

No matter how much you think otherwise, every man needs to have a fully stocked grooming kit in their bathroom. Doing so will make sure you’re always hygienic, looking your best, and ready for whatever life throws at you. But if you’ve never got into the habit of having a grooming routine before, then how do you know which items you need to have in stock? Below, I take a look at everything you’ll need to have if you want to be a 21st-century man.


The Basics

Right, I’m hoping that you learned this when you were younger, but even if you didn’t, here are the basics that you need to have in your bag. You’ll want a shower gel, the adult kind, one with a fragrance that complements your style. You’ll also want to have an everyday aftershave that you can splash on in the mornings before leaving for work. Also, take the time to figure out which type of shampoo and conditioner is right for you. They can be surprisingly different, so picking whatever’s on the shelf just won’t do.

Beating the Daily Grind

If you live in the UK, then there’s no getting around it: your face takes a battering. It gets beaten by the wind, rain, and cold for eleven months of the year, and then during the month when it’s sunny we spend all our time trying to get as many rays as possible, which does just as much damage. As such, you need products to keep your skin healthy. You can achieve this by having a daily routine of washing your face (with specific face wash) and moisturising. You’ll also want to keep those lips nice and soft by using lip balm.

For those Pre-Date Routines

Sometimes, you don’t want just to do the bare minimum. You want to make a special effort. This could be for a wedding, family get-togethers, or, indeed, even those nervy first dates when you want everything to be perfect. For these events, you’ll want to have a few special products in the bag that allow you to look and feel your best. Have Admiral Grooming shaving products handy so that you can feel fresh and ready for your date. You’ll also want to think about taking care of your fingernails and having hand moisturiser, so your hands are silky smooth. Finally, it’s always worth having a special aftershave that you only bust out for those special occasions.  

Your “Special Item”

There will be a few items in your grooming bag that are only for you. Play around with different products and scents until you find one that feels like it was produced with just your skin in mind. Once you’ve found it, it’ll be a mainstay in your grooming bag. Some people have been wearing the same aftershave for thirty years or more, just because it so suits them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re missing anything on the list, now’s the time to hit the shops and start putting together your complete grooming bag.


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