blu Launches British Beats: 9 Artists to Watch in 2017

I absolutely love finding new music. There’s nothing better than waking up fresh on a Sunday morning, having some proper coffee and discovering new music. I usually do this through playlists from publications and collaborators online, so when I saw blu’s 9 best unsigned artists in the UK, I had to get involved…

After scouring the nation, blu has uncovered the 9 best unsigned artists in the UK, showcased in the new British Beats hub where you can find exclusive interviews, playlists and upcoming gigs.

Artboard 5.jpg
The British Beats hub houses artists from a wide variety of genres, including rock, indie, drum and bass, alternative, and world music.

So who’s on the list?

Aaron Douglas, Bite the Buffalo, DarkMatta, Lizabett Russo, Remedysounds, XTALK, The Poet Junkies, Port Erin, Veludo Planes. Find out more about each one here.

Get Up Close & Personal

Delving into each artist’s journey, the first interview reveals how they discovered their love of music and an insight into what inspires their creativity.
Sharing the most cherished songs of featured artists, the second interview explores the emotion behind the lyrics, how the song was written and what it’s like to perform in front of an audience.

Discover new music in the British Beats hub with tracks from each artist. Also, look out for Song of the Day for each artist on Twitter.

Gig List
Find out where your favourite British Beats artists are playing next by following their exclusive gig map.

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