Wish List | Designer Edition

Designer clothing always has a daunting price tag attached, but the reason behind it is the quality that goes into the material and manufacturing behind each piece. Clothing is a big part of who we are – it reflects our personality and can even change the way we are feeling or are perceived by others. Good clothes are always worth the investment.


Here are some man-necessities that come with a designer price-tag, but look amazing.


Dior has a high-profile within the designer industry, having been one of the first to create a haute-couture fashion line. It creates fashion for women, men, and babies as well as perfume and makeup. This diverse designer has created some spectacular looks through the seventy-plus years it has been working. The man-necessity from Dior are the shoes; ranging from trainers to boots to loafers, all Dior shoes are made with the best calf-skin, and modern sports technology.


We’ve all heard of these, and we all know the craftsmanship that goes into these watches. With a list of celebs as long as Rolex’s career, with JFK, Martin Luther King JR and Churchill some of the historical Rolex wearers, and Mark Wahlberg, Lebron James and Robert Downey JR as the modern celebrity. And who is going to question Iron Man’s taste is accessories?

pexels-photo-298864 (1).jpeg

Prada does seem like more of a designer for women, but they have an extensive ‘male’ range. Something to look out for are their man-bags, which are forgivingly named as document-holders and briefcases. These smart accessories come in (at their cheapest) just below a grand, but with the supreme leather and titanium fixings, can you blame them?


Versace has a reputation as a designer for men and has a great range of suits, shoes, and jacket – amongst others. But it’s Versace Men’s underwear that makes this list – the iconic Grecian and baroque designs are flawless and look pretty comfortable. These are the least pricey item on this wish-list, but the quality is still there, and the chance of owning them so much easier to attain.   


We have to talk about the Armani suits. Italian suits have long been the superior suit around the world, and a well-tailored suit takes a lot of time and money to achieve. Then throw in Armani’s designs and wool and cashmere blends, and you have a fantastic looking suit. There’s the idea that a good suit can make a man and it certainly did for Giorgio Armani.

These iconic vintage looking sunglasses are on everyone’s minds each summer, they have a chic and cool feel and are recognisable wherever you go. Ray-Ban doesn’t scrimp on quality either, being one of the top rated sunglasses for UV protection – you can look great while being saved from the sun, who could say no?

In the end, you could wear all these pieces at once and have a designer-collage of an outfit, that would look great and (possibly) empty your bank account.

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One thought on “Wish List | Designer Edition

  1. Most of these brands have some really good looks. I was hoping you included Tom Ford, Varvatos, and Too Boot NY. Versace has gone wayyyy down in my opinion. Thanks for the tips. I’ll be checking back for your next installment.

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