3 Tips for Looking After Yourself when Single

Many people feel a desire to become and stay attractive to the opposite and/or same sex. Some people enjoy casual relationships, some are looking for a relationship, and some are actively willing to settle down and raise a family. No matter what drives you, it’s true that nurturing your chances for a romantic or sexual relationship can increase the colour and vibrancy of your life. However, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to stay appealing to those we wish to appeal.


Work Out

We usually gather respect for people we love based on how well they respect themselves. Admiration and respect for a person is the basis of a romantic or genuine causal relationship. If this is lacking, the proceeding becomes hollow and meaningless and will leave you and your partner feeling empty. The best way to keep self-respect is to work on yourself, and the most immediately accessible form of working on yourself is to get fit. Cardiovascularly fit and muscularly fit are two different considerations, but a combination of them both is worthwhile here. People are simply more appealing if they look healthy, but being fit will help you in many other regards.

It will help increase your ability to focus on someone in front of you whom you want to appeal, it will give you a better and magnetic attitude to life, while also giving you that ‘can do’ attitude that is so essential to believing yourself worthy of the entire romantic affair. Also, people who are comfortable in themselves are more likely to engage with the relationship with solid intentions, as opposed to trying to ‘escape’ into a relationship and the warmth of another person. This helps you seem less desperate and clingy, and that is always, always a positive thing.

Grooming & Hygiene

You can’t expect to attract those you’d like to if your hygiene is lacking. Of course, we don’t want to patronize you. We’re sure you shower and groom yourself before you enter a date or have someone over to stay. However, making sure your sexual hygiene is taken care of is the best way to ethically make sure you’re contributing your most to the relationship. Educating yourself about safe sex, your sexual health and being on good conversational and open terms with your partner can go a long way in keeping the relationship wholesome.

Put More In Than You Get Out

The secret to any genuine appeal is putting more than into the relationship than you get out of it. Not only does it keep the relationship fed, but it puts you both on the right terms together. It might be fashionable or ‘cool’ to seem calm about the relationship, and you should never be too intense about it, but remember that relationships are fires to be kindled, and should never be taken for granted. Putting more in needn’t be the same as requiring constant attention or shown love. It might be as simple as giving your all to the person regarding honesty, respect and time. It can be as simple as a careful, quiet and positive word.

Over time, implementing these tips will make you a much more significant figure in the dating scene.

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