Is it Time to Switch Up Your Workout?

When it comes to exercise, many of us get into the same old routine, whether it’s running every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning, or lifting weights at the gym three times a week. Although there is nothing wrong with this per se, and it’s for sure better than being a couch potato and letting your body and your health go to seed, it can get a little boring, and it can mean that you aren’t getting as much from your workout time as you perhaps could.

There are many benefits to changing your exercise routine, which could make it worth your while to switch things up a little. Here are some of them:

It Could Restart Your Weight Loss

If you’ve been looking to lose a few pounds, but despite your best efforts, in the past few weeks or months, your weight loss has crawled to stop, trying a new form of exercise could get things going again. You see, after a long time doing the same thing, your body adapts to that thing, and it doesn’t need to burn quite so many calories. That’s why you’re encouraged to keep adding more weight when you lift, or why it’s always recommended that you push yourself further as a runner. But, doing something different that uses different muscles in different ways will work even better.

It Could Prevent Injuries

Another thing that often happens when you stick to the same old routine for too long is that you get injured. Repetitive strain injury is a common complaint for regular tennis players, runners and swimmers because, as the name would suggest, they are putting strain on various parts of their body by using them too much. If you want to avoid injury, so you can stay in action, and maintain your fitness levels, there are lots more fitness classes waiting to be explored. So, why not explore them, give your body a break, try something different, and live to fight another day?

Develop New Muscles

If you run a lot, your leg muscles will be amazing, but the rest of you might not be quite so impressive. By switching things up and trying some new activities which work on different muscles, you can develop the whole of your body, so that you look the best you possibly can.

Beat the Boredom

When you get bored with the same old routine at the gym, there is a very good chance that you will simply stop turning up. Many people give up on the gym because they lose inspiration and many of them never quite get back into the habit. If you don’t want to be like them, trying out something you would never have thought of like yoga, mixed martial arts or even Zumba, could re-energise you and ensure you don’t lose your passion for fitness.

Meet New People

Last, but by no means least, trying new forms of exercise is a great way to meet interesting new people, especially if you move out of your comfort zone. Your workout?

Do you think it could be time for you to switch up?

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