How To Save For Things You Really Want

Saving money is rarely easy. If you’re impatient and like to have things immediately, saving can be extremely tough. However, if there is something that you really want, you’re going to have to save to get it. The following tips will help you save money easily so that you if you’re looking to buy a car, a house or even just a new pair of shoes that you’ve been coveting – you can get there easily. Start penny-pinching the right way using the tips below.

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Scrutinise your spending

You may find that a lot of your savings can be made instantly by going through your monthly spending and working out where your biggest and most unnecessary outgoings are. If you tend to get a coffee from a coffee shop on your way to work, buy a travel cup and make it at home. Start taking your own lunch to work and stop wasting money on things you don’t need. Download some budgeting apps to help you keep better track of your spending and learn where to make cuts.

Learn to shop around

You can make a lot of savings simply by shopping around. Like to shop at a particular supermarket? Perhaps it’s time you tried another to see if you can get the same items, cheaper. You could even take it a step further and compare prices in multiple stores – this is easily done when shopping online. You should apply the same principle to things like your phone bill, your credit card rate and your car insurance. There are some great savings to be made online through websites like, all it takes is some time to find the best deal. Add up the money that you’ve saved and put it into your savings to help you get there quicker.

Set yourself budgets

Budgeting doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing when you’re used to spending what you want and when you want. But creating a budget for yourself can help you to cut back and help you to save easier, while also serving as a wake-up call as to how much money you’re spending on food, clothes and going out. Set yourself a budget for each of these things and make sure that you stick to them. It may help to withdraw cash each week instead of relying on your card to make sure that you don’t overspend. Budgeting allows you to continue to enjoy the things you like to do, but within reason to allow you to save at the same time.
Getting into some good savings habits now can benefit you in the future. If you’re already planning for old age, then learning how to save and set budgets will be a valuable life skill. Saving may be tough, but when you’ve finally got enough saved for what it is you want, you’ll feel more satisfied and better able to enjoy the things you’ve worked hard to achieve.  Start cutting back today and learn how to save for the things you want.

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3 thoughts on “How To Save For Things You Really Want

  1. I can’t agree more on this! Nowadays, the credit card payment, afterpay service all made purchasing become so easy, and people often overspend without sparing a thought. To save money, the simplest way is to think spend wisely. I really like how you suggest “learn to shop around”. I think it is really important to compare the prices before you buy something! It’s not just about the price of the item, if you can develop that kind of behavior everytime you need to make a purchase, it will become an attitude to shop! This can definitely make you spend less than you can ever imagine!

    Not only at the shops, but online shopping can be easily addicted and people tend to spend too much time and money on the websites. Because of its convenience, buyers do not even have to walk around the stores to look for different type of things. Instead they can even buy different brands in just one online website, such as ASOS. And with the built-in functions of the website for storing the credit card details, it makes shopping become a 5-second-progress. This is beneficial to buyers as it makes things easier. But for those who cannot control their desire to shop and have poor financial management, this is problematic and they can easily overspend through online shopping.

    I’m a Uni student and my campaign is talking about overspending on credit cards. We are exploring people’s spending behavior and providing tips for financial management. If you are interested, it would be nice to follow us on social media platforms and our WordPress! Thanks 🙂

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