The History of Canali and the Important of Good Tailoring

Tailoring and the details in men’s fashion is something that I’ve only been aware of in recent years and, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, something i’d like to learn more about. Everything from suits, shirts, trousers and even t-shirts can be made to measure, so how do you know what’s the best fit for you?

The fit of a suit for example, can be different depending on the fabric used in creation and it’s purpose. You find items of clothing are tailored differently in terms of season and it’s intended outfit. A smart casual blazer, fit for summer, tends to have a more slim fit tailoring to it, a lighter fabric and is worn with less layers to coincide with the warmer weather. Winter jackets and blazers, usually made from wool, are tailored differently to compliment the increase in layers. There’s usually 4 steps to creating a tailored suit. Of course you need to pick your fabric, the style you’re going for, measuring it up and then the final details, such as pockets, buttons and insides.

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So where do you find the more ‘tailored’ fitting smart clothing? I always find the more traditional brands have better tailoring options, and you can’t go wrong with Italian style can you? One of my favourite brands for this kind of clothing is Canali, established in 1934 in Italy. If you look at their website, you’re hit with a variety of suitsblazerstuxedosshirts and polo shirts, all with different tailoring options to suit the needs of the purchaser. Included on the web page of each item is the tailored choices of the model, with full length picture and the option to chat with a specialist. There’s also dates for booking an appointment in one of the nearest Canali boutiques, if you want to get the full experience and have your own made-to-measure suit.

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If you’re picking a suit and paying the price for a good quality one, it’s good to know the history of the brand and their passion for the industry, so here’s Canali’s. It was in the 70’s when they brought their Italian fashion products to the UK, quickly establishing a fervent international following. It began as a family run business and has grown since then, now in it’s third generation of family, with a boutique in Milan, and available to purchase pretty much all over the world.

Worn and pioneered by the likes of Michael Douglas, Paul McGinley and Giovanni Gastel, Calani are my picks for a well tailored suit. What’s yours?

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