History Buff? You’ll Love London

Every single city in the world has a history to it. There’s no getting away from it, as history is ingrained in every monument, every unique building and even the very ground beneath your feet. Local historic sites of a city are one of the biggest reasons that people flock to a city. The tourist traps are largely based around history and preservation of that history, and people are curious about what came before. When you’re in a city as cultural and charming as London, you can often be in total awe of the scenery around you. In the absence of rolling hills and greenery, you have towering buildings and architecture you can envy. The tunnels near the Tower of London show you the entry to Traitor’s Gate, the place where people were hanged for their crimes not all that long ago! It’s this type of history – no matter how bloody – that makes London what it is.

If you’re a history buff and have booked yourself one of the many short term lets at London Serviced Apartments, you’ll likely be packing in as much of the history of the city as you possibly can. There are so many places in London that are dripping with history, so it can be difficult to narrow down the best places to see while you’re there. Never fear though, we’ve put together some of the most historical places that absolutely should be on your London list:


Westminster Abbey. If you want to visit a lavish place where kings and queens are crowned, the Abbey is the place you want to be. The Gothic-style nave that was built in the 13th century and is one of the highlights of the Abbey itself. It’s definitely high on the list of attractions for tourists so make you sure you get there nice and early.

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Trafalgar Square. History lovers can’t go better than Trafalgar Square when looking for a huge memorial to the battle off the coast of Spain. It’s not just the statue of Horatio Nelson to look at, but the National Gallery and the fountains.

Brunel Museum. Just above the Thames Tunnel lives a museum dedicated to the amazing feat of engineering done by Brunel, which saw him create the underwater tunnel cited as the oldest tunnel in the oldest metro system in the world. You don’t have to be an engineering lover to appreciate it!


Charles Dickens’ Museum. There is only one residence of Charles Dickens remaining and works such as ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ were written here. Lovers of English Literature will appreciate stepping back in time and viewing the home where such literary masterpieces were thought of.

London and history go hand in hand and if you want to really become immersed in the culture, make your way down this list of museums in the capital. You may not have enough time so why not stretch your visit over a few more days?

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