The Textured Home: The Interiors Necessity You Didn’t Even Know About

When you’re planning the decor for a room, there’s a few specific areas you will think about. For the most part, you’ll be focusing on:

  • Colour (either of wallpaper or paint)
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Wall art

That’s pretty much it.

Well, that “it” tends to involve a lot of hard work, cultivating your style, and then making the effort to put it all into practice. It’s not simple, as anyone who has ever attempted any form of home renovation will tell you.

So… it’s probably not great news that there is one essential that far too many people overlook. One area that should be considered, but is often skipped over. Skipping over it can lead to a room never looking quite “finished”, or seemingly missing a vital facet that you just can’t quite identify.

What’s missing?


Getting texture right in a room is as essential as all of the aforementioned components. Well, perhaps not as essential as furniture admittedly – you can do without texture, while you’re going to have problems going without something to sit on.

From a design point of view, though, texture is vital. It ties the entire look together, provides contrasts, and gives a room and its style an extra depth. Sometimes texture happens naturally, but in a world of glossy surfaces and glass-topped furniture, this isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes you’re going to need to make a concerted effort to establish texture. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

#1 – Rugs


Hardwood and laminate flooring have replaced carpet as the mainstay design feature for flooring. However, they are rather cold and sterile. Their surfaces are shiny, which helps reflect the light – but also means the base of your room is completely texture free.

The best way to fix this is simple: rugs. Modern styles tend to be all about bold patterns and intricate lines and stripes, whereas traditional rugs from Rugmart echo the designs that are eternal in their popularity. Pick something that fits your overall theme, and your room will instantly look better for it.

#2 – Curtains

Once again, a modern trend has deleted texture from our rooms; this time it’s blinds instead of curtains. You don’t have to go back to full-on curtains, but voile panels can add a necessary injection of texture, while you still receive the benefits of the blind when required to.

#3 – Cushions


The great thing about cushions is that they can go in any room of the house. If there’s a chair or sofa in the room, then you can put a cushion on it. You could even prop one up on a console table if you have no available seating area.

Cushions are also very easy to change, so the same basic cushion filler can see you through many a design and style change. A few cushions that are heavily textured – a faux-fur effect or a pleated front cover, for example – can add an extra dimension to any room.

So if your finished home design still seems to be missing something, texture might be the answer you have been searching for.

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