Embracing The Future: Advantages Electric Holds Over Petrol

A few decades ago, people of the day were thinking what the future would hold once the world had learned the great benefit of transportation, purely powered by electricity. Major manufacturers and brave new startups are venturing out into the technological world of science and engineering, to come up with brilliant city cars. Their cars are now running purely on electric motors that have gear mechanisms that are turned by energy stored in large batteries. So far, the main aim for designers is to make cars that can drive for just as long and just as far, as cars that are powered by fossil fuels. The competition is hotting up between these two types of cars because the technology is being revolutionised to be more logistical and as part of everyday normal life.


Performance traits
Many people have been fascinated by the technology and trying to learn and understand how it works. However, let’s be honest, most people just want to know what it’s like to drive an electric car. There are a lot more moving parts in a traditional piston engine than there are in an electrically powered car. However, this means the power is more readily available and actually, because of the motor systems that deliver the power to the wheels, there is an added benefit of less moving parts. The torque levels are the most notable difference from similar-sized piston engines. Not only is the grunt of the car more powerful and instant, but it’s also a continuous power curve with very little drop-off, as you might see in petrol and diesel engines. Great for short, sharp bursts, no wonder electric cars a very popular in major cities with lots of traffic.

Logistics are evolving

The main issue the public takes with electric cars is the fact that you cannot refill or in this case, recharge your car. Electric cars have come a long way from just five years ago, and now the motors are regularly exceeding a distance capable of 200 miles. Additionally, AEL’s electric car chargers are popping up all over the place, and it’s because they have proven themselves to the British government. Now, AEL is a government-approved installer of electric chargers for cars. As well as commercial they can fit these chargers right at your home so you can charge your car while you are eating dinner, gardening, cleaning, or whatever. It gives your total peace of mind to know you’re able to conveniently recharge your car without having to drive to a fuel station anymore.

Sustainable living

Your emissions are absolutely nil, thus if you live in a large city like London, you won’t have to dip into your pocket every time you want to drive into the city. You also save money, while not trying to, by not using any energy while sitting idle in traffic jams, where as petrol and diesel engines need to burn fuel, just to tick over while staying still. Electricity doesn’t cost as much as the natural fossil fuels other cars use, so per unit when compared, you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds over the year.

If the concept of petrol and diesel-powered cars is starting to sound a bit prehistoric, it’s because they are fast becoming so. Many people love the roar of a rumbling V8 and the feeling it gives them. But, with instantaneous power, no need to shift gears, saving money and having your own little piece of the future; it’s very difficult to not appreciate electric cars.

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