Car Tyres: Why They’re Something You Shouldn’t Overlook

Tyres can often be overlooked when it comes to cars- but they really could be the difference between life and death. They are what give your car grip and traction on the road, absorb road shock and ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Without being properly maintained you put yourself at risk of all kinds of issues. They can reduce the performance of your car, meaning your braking is worse and you use more fuel. They put you at risk of skidding or can could result in a serious accident. So what can you do to maintain your tyres? Here are some things to consider.


Minimum Tread

It’s a legal requirement for your tyres to have 1.6mm of tread, so it’s important to be keeping an eye on this. You can purchase a tread depth gauge to be absolutely sure, it takes seconds to give them a quick check over every now and again. Since changing a tyre is tricky and requires special equipment to get it onto the rims and into the correct position it’s not something you should be doing yourself. Once they’re worn take them into a car tyre shop and have new ones fitted.

Special Tyres

Certain tyres perform best at different times of year. Most types of tyres will be suitable for all year round, but if you have very cold winters or very warm summers you might want to consider special tyres. These will give you more grip on snowy or icy roads, and also on warm roads (which can become softer in the heat) and prevent skidding. If you want to be extra cautious and safety conscious then these are a good way to go.

Spare Tyre

It’s not a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre in your vehicle, but it is advisable. If your tyre does blow out or is damaged by something on the road, you can switch it out and be back on your way. One problem people can find when they come to remove the wheel is that they can’t remove the locking nuts. If this is the case, you could try a locking wheel nut removal company. If you don’t have breakdown cover, this can be much cheaper than calling up for emergency cover.

Preventing Damage/  Maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your tyres is adjust the way you drive. Harsh braking and steering will quickly wear even the best tyres. Another thing you can do is ensure they are inflated correctly. Under inflated tyres will give you less control, increase braking distance and cause tyres to wear faster. Over inflated tyres can be just as dangerous, as grip is reduced and braking is less stable. Check your car’s manual for the correct tyre pressure, and check them regularly. Make sure you do so when the tyres are cold (not after a long drive) for an accurate result.

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