Attention To Detail: Take Your Home From Student Digs To Luxury Bachelor Pad

Now you’ve been working hard for a while; your home should be a place that you look forward to returning to each day, and are proud to have visitors back to. With the stresses and strains of a man’s busy life; it can be challenging to find the time or the inclination to put the effort into your interior space. However, it’s one of those things that once you’ve done something about; you will appreciate it and won’t regret any of your investment. The following are some ideas to help you bring up the standard of your living environment so you can concentrate on your work and social life in the future.


Your Walls And Floor

Nobody’s going to appreciate tired looking wallpaper and grim carpet, so if your pad is suffering from either of these; stop covering them up with rugs and artwork, and invest in bringing them up to scratch. Your walls can be smoothed over with a little plaster or filler, and then you can cover them with a fresh coat of paint; neutral and light tones can make a room feel spacious, so consider white, and natural hues.

If you lift the carpet up and find a mess; use a self leveling compound so that you can lay laminate, wooden, or tiled flooring throughout the living area. Having a smooth, fresh floor will make your walls and furniture pop, and you’ll have made the space a sleek environment to enjoy. You can go with a deeper, darker hue for your floor; but keep it neutral so that you’ll have more options regarding your furniture, and it will evolve as your taste and decor change. Your walls and floor are in it for the long haul; so invest in them first so you can add items to a room with a stylish backdrop.

Your Investment Pieces

Aside from the latest flat screen T.V; you’ll want to ensure that your furniture reflects your style and looks great in your living space. Larger pieces, like your sofa and table and chairs, should be able to slide seamlessly into your home and provide function, comfort, and interior class. Try not to be too trend driven; your interior will date pretty fast if your sofa’s fabric goes out of favour. Classic furniture, like a leather Chesterfield sofa, will give your bachelor pad a sturdy, masculine edge and will only look better with age (money well spent).

Chunky wood and metallic, industrial accessories, are another way to add timeless style and interior strength to an environment; source original pieces and upcycle items for added character. Bring in colour and design through your rugs, soft furnishings, and the art on your walls; these can be easily changed when you favour a new style and will also give a room your stamp of approval and personal taste. Give yourself some decent storage options so you can tidy away the PS4 or files from work when you have guests over, and you’ll keep your space open-plan and fresh at all times.

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