Four Underrated Fashion Items for Men

When we select an outfit, we’re usually selecting something that makes somewhat of a statement. We may only be semi-conscious of this, but it’s true – especially when we’re getting dressed for professional purposes!

So putting together a good outfit can often be more important that it actually seems at first, at least to other people. Of course, people should be judging you for you, not your sense of style. But let’s face it: good fashion sense never hurt anyone!

We’re going to take a look at a few things that a lot of men underestimate the importance, versatility, and downright flashiness of when it comes to style!


Most people tend to keep their ties as basic as possible. It’s as though the simple fact that you’re wearing a tie is enough to make you look stylish. Wrong! There’s a certain art to making sure your shirt and tie match perfectly, as highlights. But as long as there isn’t any ugly clashing, you can actually get quite creative with the tie. I’m not talking about getting creative with how it’s tied, of course – there’s only one way to do it right, I’m afraid – but the tie is a much more versatile piece of clothing than you might think when it comes to design.



“Wait,” I hear you ask. “How the heck is the importance of a shirt underrated?” It’s true that a shirt makes up the most important part of our outfit for most men. But a lot of men still under-appreciate the potential of shirts. There are outlets like, for example, that allow you to have truly unique shirts through customisation. Outside of this, you may be surprised at how good you look in a different type of shirt. If you usually wear regular business shirts, try switching things up with a nice polo top.


Are belts the most underrated fashion item for men? After all, who really pays attention to a belt? I mean, what are your eyes doing hovering around that general area anyway? The truth is that a poorly-chosen belt really doesn’t do you any favours. In a way, the belt can act as a sort of style buffer between the shirt and your trousers – it’s especially important if your shirt is tucked in! is a good resource for people who need to pay particular attention to the belt they’re going to wear.



You may be wondering again who would be looking at this particular item of clothing. But the fact is that no matter how hard you try, your socks are going to be visible to someone at some point during the day. Shoes and trousers don’t cover them all the time. So you should take care when it comes to choosing socks. Socks are actually brilliant for carefully revealing something funny about you underneath a more serious exterior. Imagine a suited businessman whose trouser legs occasionally betray socks from! Don’t underestimate the power of socks when it comes to showing off your personality and really catching people’s eyes.

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