Festival Fashion with boohooMAN – Kendal Calling

Where do I start with this one? I recently visited the delightful little festival that is Kendal Calling and boohooMAN saved me! You’re probably wondering how or why? Well, it’s safe to say it absolutely pissed it down most of the weekend and my boohooMAN rain jacket turned the dampening experience in to a good one!

I honestly didn’t care about the weather at all. I’d remembered my wellies so that was a bonus to start with, but the my jacket protected me from the rain, and with it being light and airy, it didn’t feel like I was slogging about, and I didn’t have to take it off when in the music tents and arenas.

If you’re heading to a festival this summer I recommend checking out their festival collection for all you need before you go, so cheap too. There’s a selection of rain jackets and hoodies if (like me) you’re enjoying the British summer, but also shorts, sunglasses and tees for the lucky ones going to an abroad festival. I grabbed a couple of the plain tees as they’re so cheap, and a hoodie for the cooler evenings.

Here’s a few photos of me at Kendal Calling, really grew attached to that Alligator…

Anyway, about the music itself. Highlights were Jasper James on the WKD bar, which was this little stage on top of the bar. Whilst checking him out, promo staff invited us up to the top with a delivery of drinks too! The Jagerhaus stage was decent too, it felt like a night club with Pirate Copy on the Friday night, Cyantific on Saturday. In terms of big bands… Editors, Happy Mondays and Stereophonics smashed it!

That’s the festival season finished for me with Parklife and AVA too. Let us know in the comments below which ones you’re hitting up!

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