Don’t Be A Tool: Common DIY Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Many men enjoy DIY, and they will quite happily whip out the screwdriver or paintbrush when the need arises. However, there are others who consider DIY a nightmare. Not knowing one end of a screwdriver from another can drive some guys nuts, and looking after the house can seem like a full-time job.

To ensure you don’t do more harm than good during your repair jobs, follow this handy list of common mistakes people often make in their DIY to ensure your home doesn’t fall around you.

Not having the right tools


A bit of a no-brainer to begin with, but you need the right tools for the jobs you are planning to take on. Read the guide at, and follow their recommendations for your toolbox.

Overestimating skill levels

There will be some jobs you can do and others you can’t. Unclogging the sink may be in your skill set but unblocking the drains outside probably won’t be. For your home and personal safety, hire a professional for any job you are unequipped to manage. Always check online and hire a reputable firm, such as the drainage company at, and find the people to do the jobs you really shouldn’t be attempting alone.

Jumping ahead

Read my article at and consider the importance of preparing your home before any renovation work begins. It’s important to think ahead and take on the smaller jobs to make the rest of your repair work easier to complete.

Attempting quick fixes

You will only make matters worse if you attempt a quick fix, and you will need to do the job all over again if you don’t focus on getting things right the first time. As an example, consider the doors in your house. After a period of wet weather, wooden doors are liable to become swollen and cause problems with the door frame. A quick fix would be to plane the wood back down to size, but for better results, you should also use an oil-based primer to prevent further swelling. Taking the time to do things properly will save you a lot less hassle in the future.

Cutting down on costs

While you don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools for only one project, you don’t want to cut costs by buying something that isn’t up for the job. Be wise with your money, but buy the best tools you can afford to ensure you can do your work properly. A quality paintbrush, for example, will make your job easier, giving you a smoother finish. A cheaper paintbrush, with fewer bristles, will frustrate you as your paintwork won’t look as tidy, and it may take you longer to complete the job. Remember: a workman is only as good as his tools.

Failing to clean

Before beginning any painting jobs, always vacuum around your walls and skirting boards. Otherwise, dust will stick to the wet paint, undoing all your hard work. Then you should think about giving the walls a good wash down. Read the article at to see when this is necessary, as there are occasions when it is okay to skimp on the preparation.

Not wearing protective gear


You need to forget fashion when you begin any painting or repair jobs around your home. Protective gear is a must, so check out for ideas on what you need. Considering you may be using dangerous tools and equipment, as well as chemical substances, you need to keep yourself safe. From safety goggles to dust masks, ensure you protect yourself.

Underestimating what you need

Whether you are putting up wallpaper or laying down a carpet, you don’t want to find yourself running short on materials and leaving a job half done. You should always measure up any space you are going to be working on so you know how much material you need, but it’s always worth buying a little bit extra for any emergencies.

Forgetting the first-aid kit

Finally, but most importantly, you need a first-aid kit. From hammering your thumb into the wall to cutting yourself on a sharp edge, there is a potential for small as well as large injuries. Make sure your kit is stocked up with bandages, ointments, etc. before you begin any repair job. You may think a scratch or a small cut is nothing to worry about, but there is still the risk of infection if you don’t cover up any open wounds.

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