Fashion Pieces That Will Stand The Test of Time

Fashion has become the latest victim of the fast-food treatment. We buy cheap pieces that barely stays in one piece for one event, add it to landfill and then replace it the next week. It is just another variable that adds to the notion that the world has gone totally and utterly mad.

You see, instead of buying, wearing, throwing and repeating, we should be investing in fashion that our future selves will be perpetually grateful for. Pieces that will stand up to the test of time and stay as crisp as the day we bought them no matter how many events we ask them to endure. Pieces that won’t just hold physically but will stand the test of time in terms of style and finesse, pieces we can hand down to our children, embodying the belief that we never really own investment pieces, we simply hang on to them for the next generation.


The question is, what bits and pieces of fashion should we be spending the big bucks on? Well, we have come up with an extended list for you to smile at as you peruse. Welcome to the first day of your forever wardrobe.

Gold Cufflinks

Gentlemen don’t tend to own many items of jewellery, but cufflinks are one piece that every man needs to have tucked away in his sock drawer, ready for that special occasion when a double-cuffed shirt and dinner jacket are required.

Oxford Brogues

The Oxford Brogue is arguably the only style of shoe that transcends time and trend, offering its wearer the chance to add a serious touch of class to whatever suit he decides to wear. In terms of colour, always go with black. Give then a new sole every few years and these can last forever.

Luxury Watch

Every man should own the kind of watch that wouldn’t look out of place in Jack Nicholson’s wardrobe. That’s the benchmark. Yes, this narrows the scope down a bit, but it also stops your falling prey to mortal trends. It also pushes you toward those with real heritage, such as vintage Rolex mens watches or Omega timepieces. In terms of style, never invest in anything that has an oversized face and always stick with traditional colours – black or brown for leather and gold or silver for metal.

Black Tie

In order to be a gentleman, you need to have a spot on your rail reserved for your own tuxedo; a timeless piece that fits you like a perfectly everywhere – waist, leg, shoulders, arms, back. The style between tuxedos rarely changes, that is why the fit is so important. So get it tailored and treat it like the girl you want to marry.

Leather Bag

Nothing adds to a look with quite as much authority as a leather bag, whether it be a briefcase or a satchel. It just carries an air of sophistication with it, the kind that speaks volumes in a champagne accent. The key here is the detailing. It is having your name pressed into the soft leather and gold buckles to make it stand out from the crowd. That’s the edge you want to give it.

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