Everybody Was Surfing In The…UK?

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Surfing is an amazing way to let loose. It’s no surprise, then, that flocks of people each year head to top surfing destinations like Australia’s Byron Bay. If you’re after a sporting holiday which can help you relax, it doesn’t get much better than this. But, heading to Australia to catch a surf isn’t always practical. Who has time for the for the 23 odd hour trip each way? The good news is, nothing’s stopping you pursuing a surfing holiday here on English shores. It’ll be a lot easier, that’s for sure. Here’s how to make it work for you.

Know Your Options

First, it’s important to know the best surfing options. Nothing’s stopping you heading for a weekend in Weymouth, but you don’t often see surfers there. For the most part, it’s too busy. Instead, take some time to plan. There are a few top surfing spots right under your nose if you know where to look for them. In Cornwall, you could head for Watergate Bay or Sennon Cove. Or, perhaps you want to head for a week in Wales. Here, you have the choice of visiting surfing hot-spot, Gower, Swansea. There are plenty of things to do in Gower, and surfing is top of the list. Take your pick from beaches such as Rhossili Bay, or Three Cliffs Bay. Or, you could head up to Scotland and visit Pease Bay. With an excellent leisure park right on the beach, this is a beautiful and accessible option.

If you don’t mind the drive, you could even visit a few of the most attractive options during your holiday. Bear in mind that this option isn’t for the faint hearted. The drive between Cornwall and Wales alone is around five hours. But, this is the best way to see all the top sites.

Check the Weather

You don’t need us to tell you that UK weather can be unpredictable. In recent years, we’ve experienced scorching hot days, preceded by freezing ones. To ensure your trip isn’t a washout, make sure to check the weather well in advance. And, keep an eye on it as changes from day to day. The good news is, a local holiday doesn’t need too much advance booking. You can book up hotels as late as a month before your stay. Make the most of that freedom to ensure you get the best weather possible.


Get Some Help

For some of you, this point won’t be valid. If you surf often, you should know the basics already. But, it would be naive to think that you’ll be a pro from the off. There’s no getting around the fact that here in England, we don’t get much chance for practice. So, if you’re rusty, or haven’t surfed much, it’s worth booking up for a little instruction during your holiday. That way, you can stay safe and get the best of your surfing time. Look online for instructors in your chosen destinations and make sure to sign up.

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