Lads Living It Up In The City (Of London) : West End Boys Edition

London, our capital city, full of promise and fun, and jam packed with exciting ways to live it up with the lads. But London can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for non-natives like myself, that why I have put together a great little guide on what to do that spans just two stops on the Piccadilly line, one on the Central line, with a little walking thrown in. Read on to find out more.

Leicester Square

It’s best to start from Leicester Square tube station as this is fairly easy to get whether you arrive into the city via King’s Cross St Pancras, Waterloo, or Victoria.

Obviously, this area is chocked full of theatres, and it’s most famous for its musical productions. At the moment you will find an excellent selection, if that is you sort of thing, including Wicked, the ever popular Lion King, and the fairly new Motown.

But don’t be the mistaken musicals are definitely not the only thing on offer in this area. There are other theater productions as well including comedy offerings such as The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery. As well as a serious theater like Ink and The Ferryman.

Then if you fancy continuing the night, why not head over the to the Hippodrome Casino? The perfect place for a lad’s night out or a stag do. There you will find all of the usual games, along with an extensive cabaret to keep you entertained into the wee hours if you so desire.


Oxford Circus

Of course, you don’t have to stay in the area around Leicester square, you can pop one stop along (all these places are in zone one, so you only need a basic travel card for the day) to Oxford circus. Probably most famous for its shopping you will find many world renowned stores like Nike Town, Oxford Street and HMV on the Tottenham Court Road, open until 8-9pm at night.

The for a more cultural experience why not take a short walk to the Handel and Hendrix homes? Yes, that’s right Handle, and Hendrix actually lived in houses that are next door to each other, albeit at very different times. Now, these homes are open for the public to tour and it’s a must for anyone into their music.

Covent Garden

Next on the agenda is the historic and bustling Covent Garden. This is a great place to stop and grab some refreshments at a bar or restaurant.

For the fun lovers among you, or those that have had a few jars before this point, why not pay a visit to Bunga Bunga, one of the best bars in Covent Garden. There you can grab a drink, dine on authentic Italian cuisine, and also live out your dream of being a singer in a band. That’s right they offer Karaoke with a twist, and that twist is that it’s a real life band that will be backing you.

Another place to try in the Covent Garden area is the steak restaurant chain known as Flat Iron. There you can get a steak dinner for a remarkably reasonable £10! But you do have to be prepared to wait, sometimes over two hours, as these places are popular.


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