Weird And Wonderful Hotels Of The World

Nobody would turn their nose up at a luxury five star hotel. Being pampered all day long with room service and a relaxing spa sounds like a dream holiday for anybody but after a while, it starts to lose its appeal. Not that it isn’t brilliant, but a standard hotel is a bit been there, done that sometimes. You don’t always need to be so dull, there are thousands of great hotels out there that break the mould of your normal holiday. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary this year, check out this list of the most unusual hotels in the world.

Shark Tank


This one isn’t for the faint of hearted but if you think you could get to sleep surrounded by killer sharks then it’s certainly an experience. The aquarium in Paris offers a hotel package like no other. They’ve created a two-person suite that sits right between two huge tanks filled with over thirty deadly sharks. They’ll circle you as you sleep in there which can be a bit disconcerting for some people but don’t worry, you’re guaranteed to be safe down there.

Ice Hotel


Usually, when you look for a hotel, you try to find somewhere nice, cosy and comfortable. An entire building of ice doesn’t exactly fit that description but that’s exactly what you’ll be getting at the ice hotel in Canada. The place is filled with luxury spas, beautiful ice sculptures and even heated bathrooms. While you might not think it, it’s actually very comfortable in there. A trip to the ice hotel will set you back a fair amount because it needs building again every three months.

Glass Igloo


If the ice hotel sounds a bit too much for you, why not go half the way and stay in a glass igloo hotel. This glass building situated in the Aurora zone in Finland. This is the ideal place for seeing the Northern Lights and there’s nothing more amazing than lying back and watching one of the greatest natural wonders in the world through the glass ceiling of your igloo.

Hobbit House


Any Lord Of The Rings fans out there can live out their wildest fantasies and stay in a real life hobbit house. In Dakota, you can find a perfect replica of the houses that you see in the movies, filled with all sorts of great movie memorabilia that is sure to excite any fans.

Upside Down Hotel


If the weird and wonderful is your thing, the Propellor Island City Lodge in Berlin is the perfect place for you. The most popular room is a mind bending suite where all of the normal furniture is attached to the ceiling. Don’t worry though, there are hidden beds in the floor for you to sleep in. Other rooms in the hotel include the coffin room and the levitating bed room.

Prison Hotel

I can’t imagine why, but some people would jump at the chance to try out the life of a prisoner for a day. They can make that a reality in the prison hotel in Stockholm. You’ll be kitted out with all of the prison clothes, sleep in a cell patrolled by guards and even take part in mock-up prison riots.   

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