Things To Think About Before You Get That Brand New Car

Buying a new car is exciting, but it certainly isn’t a decision you should jump straight into or take lightly. Cars are expensive, but they’re also a commitment; you don’t want to be stuck with one that you hate for a few years because you’ll be relying on this machine for both work and leisure, most likely. Here are some of the things that you really need to think about before you get that brand new car.


Figure out what you want

This might sound obvious on the surface, but we’re all experts at lying to ourselves when it comes to things we want. You might just be bored of your current car and want something a little bigger or faster, but be honest about that to yourself. You’re an adult who controls their own money, so you don’t have to feel guilty that your reasons for wanting a car are “silly”. You just need to be open about why you want a new car.

Otherwise, you might find if you tell a dealership you want a specific model because “it’s economical” then you’ll end up being tricked into buying another even more economical car. Obviously, that’ll be no good because it won’t be the car you really wanted. It might not even be bigger or faster than your old one, which was the entire reason (or whatever reason you had) you wanted that specific brand new model in the first place.

Decide between leasing or buying

This is the age-old question: do you lease or buy your brand new car? It’s a tough one to answer because there are pros and cons to both options. At the end of the day, it all depends on how long you intend to own the car as well as how much money you have at hand. You could check out sites such as Intelligent Car Leasing for cheap options on new car models because there’s really a lot of money that can be saved if you lease rather than buy.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of driver you are. If you prefer to own cars for a long time or simply have the freedom to personalise them then leasing may not be for you. If you buy a new car every few years when your old one’s had its day or there’s a better option on the market then leasing is definitely the most rational option for you in terms of saving money and still getting the car you want.


Think practically

Make sure you purchase your new car with a level head. Whilst it’s important to know why you want a car and to decide how best to purchase it, as discussed in this article, it’s also important to ensure you’re making the decision with a clear head. You need to think about practicality, as boring as that may be. If your dream car has a few flaws that you’re struggling to push out of your head then reconsider; it’s not worth risking it just to satisfy your hunger for a new car. Keep looking for better models if you’re in any doubt.

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