Get Your Blood Pumping! Perfect Trips For Those Who Love Staying Active

When it comes to the perfect holiday destination, everyone has different criteria. There are those for whom the ideal trip involves sitting on the beach with a cocktail watching the world go by while they relax all day. For some people, there’s nothing like throwing themselves into the culture and lifestyle of somewhere totally new, absorbing all of the history of a place and learning as much about it as possible. And then there are the thrill seekers. The people for whom no trip is complete without the chance to get their pulse pounding and their blood pumping. The kind of trip that someone like that will take is going to look very different to many other holiday destinations. With that in mind, here are some of the ideal trips to take if you’re the kind of person who loves to get their heart racing as often as possible.

Skiing in Andorra


When you think of skiing, you probably think of the Alps or perhaps the Canadian mountain ranges, but Andorra has some of the very best slopes on the planet, for people of just about every ability level. One of the best things about ski holidays to Andorra is that the place itself has plenty of offers outside of the slopes as well. Not only are you going to racing down the mountains at high speed, but its tax haven status means that it’s fantastic for duty-free shopping as well the fact that it’s filled to the brim with boutiques, jewelers and plenty of other amazing places to shop. Of course, the real draws are the peaks and slopes, and in that department, Andorra definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Skydiving in Hawaii

The first thing that jumps to mind when someone mentions Hawaii is probably the idea of relaxing on the beach or attending a luau in the evening. However, there’s one thing that Hawaii is absolutely fantastic for that is sure to get even the most hardened thrill seeker’s blood pumping: skydiving. Let’s face it, is there anything quite as exciting as jumping out of a plane! The wonderful thing about doing it in Hawaii is that you get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views as you make the, incredibly fast, trip down to the ground! Not only that but you get the chance to enjoy plenty of that wonderful Hawaiian hospitality once you’re back on solid ground.

Surfing in Bali

pexels-photo (7).jpg

If you’re a fan of getting into the churn and hitting the waves, then you really do owe it to yourself to check out Kuta Beach. Bali’s most surfed beach is a serious treat for anyone who loves to get out into the water and hang ten! What was once a quiet little fishing village, Kuta Beach has been transformed over the last couple of years as people have discovered quite what a fantastic destination it is. Sure, you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and the soft sands that stretch for miles, but the real draw is the incredible surf that will have you picking up some serious speed. Even when you wipe out, you’ll be having an incredible time!

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