Interior Design Tips For The Modern Day Man

It might be cool to have a bachelor pad, but it’s no fun if you’ve no idea how to make the place look contemporary and modern or even feel comfortable. It’s all about finding that right blend between “cool” and “homely”. Even if you share your pad with a partner now, you can still hold onto that man cave feeling around your flat or house; it’s just about finding a good compromise. You can always create your own relaxation space within the house if you want to share the home evenly, but here are some interior design tips for you whatever your situation may be.


Plan your theme.

This is important to the interior design process. Before you begin, you need a unifying theme. The colours and aesthetic flourishes around your pad need to be consistent, so you shouldn’t dive into the DIY process until you’ve absolutely decided on an overarching theme; you don’t want your home to look messy and cluttered because you’ve continually changed your mind throughout the process.

If you like vintage design then you need to ensure there’s no clashing between this and elements of contemporary design around the house (unless you’ve planned out a way to blend the two). Perhaps you love minimalistic design; if that’s the case then you’ve got to cut down on clutter throughout your man cave to create a seamless theme. The theme itself is a matter of preference, but consistency is key.

Opt for timelessness.

When it comes to interior design, the most important piece of advice you can ever take on board is to opt for design features that are timeless. Fashion and design trends are constantly evolving, and this is why so many home interiors look outdated a few years down the line. You’ll probably want to refresh your home’s look every so often anyway, but there are ways to avoid it becoming dated in the first place. Neutral colours, such as white, never go out of date; they also make it easier to create a contemporary, minimalist feel to your home.

You could also opt for proper hardwood flooring from somewhere such as Hanham Flooring Centre because carpets become faded and tacky over time; it’s easier to keep hardwood in good condition, and it’s also of a timeless quality. Whilst trends may constantly change in the world of interior design, the use of wood in homes for construction or pure aesthetic pleasure remains as modern and valid in the twenty-first century as it always has. The point is that you should design your home based on aesthetic quality and durable materials rather than the latest trends.


It’s good to sprinkle a few luxurious items here and there to create focal points around your pad. If you’re going for a minimal colour scheme then some chrome design work could add some glimmer and shine to a room. It’s all about finding a style which suits your tastes and personality. You need to genuinely feel comfortable in your pad rather than just feeling that it “looks” good.

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