Why Everyone’s Talking About The New iPhone

The advent of new connectivity has interlinked our homes and our handheld devices like never before. The latest in home innovations and the introduction of smart home technology means that the places where we choose to live are better lit, better heated and more accurately controlled than at any other time.

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At the centre of all of this is the smartphone industry with Apple blazing the way forward. The new model of iPhone will be released this Autumn and excitement is rising. So, what can we expect from it?

The new iPhone 8 and what it offers you

A new Apple launch always attracts a great deal of attention and gets the tongues wagging but the iPhone 8 is something a bit special. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first launch of Apple’s ground-breaking iPhone. It was the product that caused a seismic shift in the landscape of mobile communications and internet use.

Ten years later, smartphones are viewed as a necessity not a luxury and account for the lion’s share of internet shopping and transactions. If you can’t do it using an iPhone then it’s simply not worth doing!

There are murmurings amongst those in the know about a radical design overhaul, an edge-to-edge display that will see the end of the top and bottom bezels which currently house the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the front-facing camera. No-one is sure what will replace it but facial recognition technology is a frontrunner.

Apple has claimed that this year’s model will be less prone to shattering into a thousand pieces. There’s some speculation on this, however, so there’s a good chance you might still need to use the services of a mobile computer repair shop sometime soon. This is the most convenient method for getting your phone fixed because there is a nationwide collection service that can be accessed via a telephone call, email or web portal.

New design features

Users like a big screen on their smartphones so the edge-to-edge design could provide a 5.8-inch display with 5.15 inches of usable area without being any bigger than the current models which fit neatly into your jeans’ pocket.

In terms of functionality, the iPhone 8 is predicted to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip making it both faster and more efficient. The more exciting features may include a wireless charging facility which will end countless arguments over phone chargers and biometric additions like facial recognition for enhanced device security.

Smartphone cameras have placed the ability to take impressive shots in the hands of all phone users and this will be developed further in the new model as demands for higher and higher quality are made. The iPhone 8’s front-facing camera may include advanced 3D sensing capabilities. The PrimeSense technology will enable the phone camera to find the location and depth of objects in front of it. It is the same technology that will provide the facial and iris recognition features for security.

Only time will tell what Apple treat us to but one thing is sure. By the end of Summer, speculation will have reached fever pitch.

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