Now It’s Personal: Adding Character To A Home In 4 Easy Steps

No one wants to live in a house – everyone wants to live in a home. Making a house a home is one of the key elements of moving into a new place. After all, staying in a cold, bare property isn’t desirable. There are lots of things a homeowner can do to make the transition, but adding a dash of character is the best bet. However, it isn’t just about imbuing the property with any character traits. No, the key is to use your personality to transform your home. If you don’t know how, here are a handful of tips and tricks to consider.


Buy Furniture That Suits Your Style

It is tempting to pick up any piece of furniture that is cheap and easily accessible, but it is also a cop-out. Why? It’s because cheap and cheerful may not represent you or your family. If it does, then don’t hold back. However, if you prefer modern and luxurious items, is a better option. Before you make a final decision, ensure that every item is a reflection of you and the people that call the place home. Otherwise, the furniture will seem generic, and that is what must avoid.

Decorate With Hobbies

One thing that encompasses you as a person is a hobby. There is no doubt that an active social life is important, which is why people place a lot of emphasis on their hobbies. As such, playing an instrument or reading a book becomes a big part of your life. Using them to decorate, then, is as logical as it is creative and beautiful. For example, the budding musicians can scatter their instruments around the house or hang them on the walls. The bookworms, on the other hand, can fill rooms with as many reading materials as possible. You can even use travelling as a theme if you have wanderlust.

Get Personal

There is nothing more personal than the people you love. Everyone has friends and family, and most people have photos that remind them of the good times. You are no different, and this can work in your favour. To be honest, using pictures to decorate a house is nothing new. Still, homeowners don’t like to go over the top, especially if they are looking to sell in the future. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with a montage of pics which add a sense of nostalgia. For inspiration, can help. Let’s face it – there is nothing more characteristic of an individual than family and friends.


Upcycle is a new term, so you may not know what it means yet. Still, it isn’t hard to grasp. Quite simply, instead of recycling your old junk, you can upcycle it and add it to your home. In truth, it is a fancy way of using reclaimed items to decorate a space. However, instead of using someone else’s junk, you should use your own. At the end of the day, surfing for items that don’t belong to you isn’t a good way to add your personality.

So, think about the possibilities before you throw anything away.

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