The Ultimate List Of Experiences For When You Want To Wow

At some point or another in life, you’re going to find that you need to host or plan an event or experience. Now, this could be a corporate hospitality day related to your business, or even a way to treat your loved one, friends or family. Either way, you’re going to want to wow. So, how do you even start to go about that? If you’re not used to heading on experiences or going to events, you may be stuck for ideas. So, let this post inspire you. With ideas for more intimate events and standout experiences, here are the five key options that will always wow your guests.


Fine Dining

If you love food, or you want to treat someone to an incredible meal, your first option is always going to be a fancy meal. Now, this isn’t going to work for everyone, but if you want to pull out all of the cards or go all out for a special occasion, heading to a restaurant with Michelin status will always work. With incredible food, a great atmosphere, and fantastic company, your evening full of foodie delights will not disappoint.

Sky High

Or maybe you’ve done a lot when it comes to food, and you want to go with something above and beyond. Well, if you truly want to take your experience higher, then why not go sky high? An air balloon ride could be the most amazing way to wow your guest. It could be a thank you to someone special, or even a part of an experiential day with a colleague. Either way, heading up into the clouds is an incredible way to wow.

Classy Culture

Then you’ve always got the option to go to a top cultural event. And when it comes to classy forms of culture, the world really is your oyster. Not only could you go to an art exhibition or a special event within the industry if that’s your thing, but you could also go the theatre, ballet, or even the opera. For something more modern or quirky, you may also want to look into the hospitality options that come with music events and festivals.


First Class Sports

Then there’s always sports to consider. The sporting world is always fantastic for entertaining. Whether you’ve got a client or customer that loves a particular sport or a loved one that is a huge fan, a day out at the tennis, one of the Paddock Club packages, or even a box at horse racing could be just the ticket you need to impress. Plus, with the glitz and glamour that come with hospitality and entertaining packages, you’re sure to stand out for your efforts.

Sea It All

Sometimes, staying on land just ins’t going to cut it. If you’re afraid of heights but you want to why, why not see the sea? Heading out on the water on a boat trip or evening event could be one way to really impress. You could charter a boat or join a corporate event and really have a great time with your guest of honour.

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