Bring Your Home Back To Life With This 3-Step Plan

Feeling uninspired within your home can be a frustrating time. You can feel bored seeing the same things every single day, and it can sometimes end up making you feel as though you are trapped between four walls. No one should feel like this in the place they come home to every night – but knowing just what to do about it can be a whole other kettle of fish. Home remodelling isn’t something that comes naturally to all of us and not only that; it can be expensive, too. But if you can’t stand spending another day in your dull and dated home, it might be time to draw up a plan of action to breathe some life back into it. Don’t worry if you’re an interiors novice: here’s your three-point plan to bring your vision to life.


Decide what your needs are

Sure, you might have always WANTED an intergalactic-themed home cinema and a pool in the back garden. But are any of these things integral to your lifestyle, and moreover, would you use them? Think about the way you use your home at present: what you tend to ignore and what you could do with more of. For example, if cooking with the kids is a favorite pastime of yours, it makes sense to put a fair amount of focus into creating a functional family kitchen. If you are a record hoarder, and your collection is spilling over into piles and your sock drawer, you may want to consider turning the unused box room into extra storage space. Write down your basic home needs, and then look at anything else you fancy outside of these requirements as ‘optional extras.’ Seeing your priorities written down this way can often help you consolidate them, and help you put a plan in place.

Decide how you are going to fund it

Here comes the typically less enjoyable part – working out how you are going to afford it all. It could be something that you dip into savings or inheritances for. But if that isn’t an option for you, don’t think that your home needs to stay the way it is at present forever. Your house itself could be all that’s needed to fund your decorating, thanks to the notion of a homeowner loan. This type of loan is secured against your property, which offers security to the lender, but it is also a great way for you to reinvest money into something worthwhile.

Find people to help you with it

This depends on the scale of your remodel. But generally speaking, unless you’re a dab hand with DIY, you’re probably going to need a few professionals on hand to get the job done properly. The best way to find reliable contractors (not cowboy builders) is by word of mouth – through trusted friends and family, of course. However, always take the time to do a background check on the individual you are hiring, even if they have been recommended to you. A quick Google and a look at Companies House can usually tell you whether or not a person is legitimate, and then you can start getting down to business.

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