The Trick To Dressing For Formal Occasions? Keep It Classic

Do you ever struggle to dress for formal occasions? Whether you prefer to rock a more casual style, or you can never seem to find the right suit for your shape, it can often feel like a completely unnatural fashion style to work with. But, it doesn’t have to be an impossible one. In fact, dressing for formal occasions can actually be quite easy – you just have to put a bit of time into getting it right. It will also help you to remember one thing when you’re working on your formal wear: classic is always best!


Ask About The Dress Code

Regardless of whether you’re going to a wedding, a ball, or even a charity event, it’s definitely in your interest to ask about the dress code if nothing has been specified. Sometimes, you can wonder just what will look right, or what you’re expected to wear. So, instead of worrying about it, or getting it wrong, ask the host. If they haven’t already shared what the dress code is, they won’t mind you asking. Then, you’ll have a guide for what to wear.

Stick To Good Tailoring

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you stick to quality when it comes to your suit. When you buy a cheap suit, it often shows. The material can look tacky, and the fit can be awful. You don’t have to pay an extortionate amount for the right suit, but going to a tailor to get a proper fit will definitely work in your favor. Then, you’ll feel like it looks better because the fit will be perfect.

Subtly Coordinate

When you’re aiming for a classic look, you’re going to want to focus on coordination. But not the matchy-matchy type, the sophisticated, complementary type. Not only can you coordinate your accessories with your style of suit, but you can match your colors to make sure they complement each other, and also with your partner’s attire. Sometimes, an outfit looks so much stronger when it’s teamed with another. Again, you don’t have to go too far here, but a tie matched with the same shade, or even a similar style material can work well.

Buy Quality

Just like you want the right fit, you’re going to want to make sure that the suit and it’s accessories are a good quality. When you’re investing in a suit, you want it to last you a long, long time. It’s not going to do that if you buy something cheap. So, instead, you’re going to want to make sure you make an investment in the quality, the fabric and the fit of the suit you go for. It’s a classic way to make it last.

Know Your Shape & Style

And finally, it will help you to know what styles you like to wear, as well as your shape. You can always take style advice, but you’re always better off sticking to what you feel most comfortable in, and that includes dressing for your body shape. Whether you’re tall, or have a rounding middle, by knowing what suits you, you’ll always get it right.

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