Combine Your Love For Travel With Doing Something Good For The World

Travel provides freedom. It provides escape. Travelling also gives you that well-deserved break we all need from time to time. But it can offer so much more. Not only can you boost the local economies of the places you visit, but you can also travel for a real purpose. If you’re keen to make a difference, why not make your travel plans do so much more?

For Charity

There are plenty of great opportunities to raise money for a worthy cause. You might visit a remote village and offer to help build new communities. This kind of project does require a great tenacity and a fair bit of red tape. But imagine the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll see, and the difference you could make! Projects like this exist all over the world, particularly in places like Africa.


Of course, you don’t have to travel too far from home to make a massive difference for your charity of choices. You might choose to gain sponsorship for an adventure such as Lands end to John O Groats. This cycle tour is punishing and gruelling at times. But if it wasn’t epic and challenging, what would be the point? You can raise a great deal of cash for charity, see some of the best bits of the UK, and get super fit at the same time!

For The Environment

Not all environmental projects are run by charities. Some are organised by corporate sponsors that still rely on volunteers to make things happen. This kind of project might involve installing solar panels or wind turbines. You might get involved with an oil spill cleanup on a beach somewhere hot and exotic. Perhaps you can contribute to a wildlife sanctuary that specialises in returning animals back to their natural habitat?

Of course, there are hundreds of cycling tours and other travel opportunities. You might work on farms that promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The vast majority of tasks you would be involved with could be out in the open with plenty of fresh air and great views. Isn’t that what travelling is supposed to be about?

Choice Of Transport

The term Carbon Footprint has been part of our vocabulary for a long time now. If you love travelling, your personal carbon footprint might be a little higher than someone that rarely hops on a plane. To reduce your emissions, why not consider other forms of transport that are less polluting. Something like a canal boat or sailing boat could provide a great holiday experience without increasing your footprint by much at all.


Cycling, hiking, or wind-powered sailing are obviously the best approaches here. And there are dozens of organised holidays for these too. That means there are plenty of choices to consider for your next break away.

If you love travelling, chances are you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure away. Why not consider one of these options, and see if you can come back feeling like you’ve achieved more than just a few air miles?

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