These Breaks Aren’t For Girls!

OK, I know that sounds super sexist, but sometimes it’s nice to go on a boys weekend, or stag party and do manly things. Although if they wanted to, I’m sure the girls could tag along too. Just don’t let them outshine you on any of the activists in the places listed below, or you’ll never live it down!

Golfing in Caerphilly

Something that is just perfect for a manly break away is a wonderful golfing holiday in Wales. Wales is such a green and pleasant land that it makes the perfect spot for a bit of golf. As long as you remember to take your umbrella in case of the odd shower!

You can find out plenty of information on South Wales golf breaks by clicking the link. But remember the best ones are in hotels that include a good restaurant and spa facilities as well.

Then you can have a great time both on and off the course with your mates. Just don’t let anyone tell you spas aren’t manly because they are, and you will love them!

Skydiving in Milton Keynes

Something else that has a decidedly masculine edge about it is doing an activity that gets the blood really pumping like skydiving. Of course, there are several sites in and around the UK that you can do this from. But if you’d like to have a warm up run first why not head over to Milton Keynes and try the indoor skydiving chamber?

This is a clever bit of technology that allows you to get the feeling of a real skydive without all of the risks. Perfect if you want to show off in front of the lads, but just don’t quite feel up to the commitment of really jumping out of a plane quite yet!

If that isn’t enough to sate your adrenaline lust, then you can also pay a visit to the indoor snow dome, and take some skiing or snowboarding lessons as well.

Karting in London

A very popular man activity is thrashing some go-karts around a track and see who can come out on top. The definition of this often differs from group to group. As some guys think it’s the person that has the fastest lap, while other believes it’s the one that has the least prangs!

A great pace to go karting in the UK is the huge indoor track at Rippleside in London. There you can find around double the length of track than most go karting places. Definitely enough room to show the boys who is Boss.

Tank Driving in Northamptonshire

Of course, if go karting is too childish for your man’s weekend, you may want to go for something with a little bit more muscle. Like driving tank at Tanks A Lot. Love the pun!


Yes, that’s right for a fee you can live out all of your toy soldier fantasies and drive a huge ATV around, smashing everything in your path. A must for all men’s men, and adrenaline junkies alike and a perfect activity to start off a stag do too.

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