Don’t Get Caught Driving Any Of These Cars

Your car should be a source of pride, not something that you are embarrassed to be seen in. It says a lot more about your personality than you might think, and it’s often the first impression that people have of you when they meet you so it does matter a lot. The type of car that you choose tells people about your sense of style, and your priorities. Driving around in a bright yellow gas guzzler with flames down the side says something pretty specific about the type of person that you are. Choosing the wrong car gives people the wrong impression of you and sometimes it can downright embarrassing. If you’re driving any of these cars, you need to stop right now.

Smart Cars


The name is very misleading because this car is certainly not a smart choice for anybody that wants to go out in public without being laughed at. When your car needs a service, you will see the benefit because the are built simply. They are also pretty cheap to run, but those benefits don’t outweigh the negatives. The design is horrible and the car is so tiny that any level of practicality goes out the window. It’s also one of the worst cars out there to drive because it’s basically a go-kart.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 13.15.52

The Mirage seems like a great choice for a car because it’s one of the cheapest ones on the market. But the old adage, you get what you pay for, is very fitting in this case. What you get is basically nothing. This car is so basic that it comes with almost no extra features. It doesn’t even have air conditioning so not only will you be pulling up in a garish car, you’ll be sweaty as hell when you get out. The only saving grace is that you get a free warranty but it’s too little too late. You’d be much better off spending a bit more money on something better or going for a used car instead, you’ll get much more for your money.


Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 13.16.47

This refers to the new version of the Beetle specifically. The original is a classic that anybody would be proud to be seen driving. The more recent attempt at recreating that magic failed pretty spectacularly. For some reason, they decided to drop all of the style features that people loved about the original and the car was geared more towards women so for men that are trying to appear stylish, this is one to avoid.

Nissan Cube

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 13.17.28

I would be interested to meet the person who came up with the design for the Nissan Cube. It looks like somebody took a cardboard box and decided to put an engine in it and the results are not pretty. Not only is this car awful to look at, it’s not even economical. It gets pretty low mileage and constantly sounds like it’s about to break down. Lots of people are fooled into buying one because of the low price but trust me, it isn’t worth the savings.  

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One thought on “Don’t Get Caught Driving Any Of These Cars

  1. Thanks for warning me about the Mirage. I was thinking about getting a G4 and then getting the Mexican parts to rebadge it as a Dodge Attitude–just to mess with people. Cute idea, but not so cute in practice.

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