Coffee Review: Strangers Coffee Company Santa Lucia

I’ll admit it, I’m actually pretty new to the coffee game and didn’t like it about a year ago, or at least didn’t give it a try. Times have changed though and I’ve opened my world up to it. I used to work in a cafe and loved the smell of coffee beans, so to actually like the taste now too has changed my life for the better.

With this in mind, the guys over at Strangers Coffee Company in Norwich sent me a batch of their Santa Lucia Guatemala coffee beans to try, so I thought I’d do a review (and maybe make this a series on the blog). The packaging itself is everything I like in design, with a minimalistic approach and style. Without even opening the packet you’re hit with the wonderful smell, and my word it’s fantastic.

Photo 20-06-2017

On the front of the pack it tells you a bit more about the beans, such as region, altitude, varietal, process and the roast, which is pretty cool. You can see the information for this one on the image above.

So, the taste. Like I said I’m pretty new to the taste of coffee but in a year I’ve sort of worked out what I like and don’t like, and realised barista style coffee is so much nicer. Strangers have put together this little video below on how to get barista style coffee at home, which has sorted me right out. I love this coffee! That’s all I can really say about it. you get hints of orange from both smell and taste and it really is different from the normal blends you get in the supermarket. Definitely check these guys out!


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