A New Bathroom, On A Budget

If you’re a homeowner, it is very likely that you are the type of person with one eye on the future. You look at the rooms in your house, and you don’t see the present. You see a blank canvas for designs, renovations, tweaks, and improvements. There are two types of homeowners, those who want to renovate to add comfort and use from the home they live in – there are the others with an eye on value and investment. They improve the home to get more return on their investment and a sale. These are not binary though – there are certainly a lot of crossover in these roles, and you can expect both parts to be a big motivation in any renovation.


Renovations do cost money though – they don’t come for free. That’s just a part of life, you have to pay for it if you want it! You should have the chance to get more from your home though. Every homeowner should have that opportunity.

For that to happen, they need to keep it cheap and stick to a budget. It’s harder, but not impossible. Today, we’ll focus on the bathroom and how you can fix it up on a budget.

Firstly, consider DIY. You might be the type of person to perform any renovations on the home yourself – if so, great! If not – don’t worry, you’ll get the same end product but you’ll to spend a bit more cash to get it all done. If you can learn how to tile, grout and insert fixtures – you should be able to do all the jobs needed to get your bathroom looking good on the cheap. If this can’t be done, don’t hire cheap labor, you’ll end up regretting it if any flaws emerge in their work. Source your labor from a reputable source and get the job done if you cannot do it yourself.

There’s a lot to do in a bathroom, but worry not – it can be done. However, this means you can easily overspend on accessories you don’t need. Shop around on sites like Bathroom Takeaway and find what you need. Need is a good word and if you are sticking to a budget, you need to focus on what you need from a bathroom rather than what you explicitly want. This doesn’t mean that your bathroom needs to suffer in terms of looks, it just means you need to be smart about your spend. If your budget is really tight, you’ll need to think about large piecemeal upgrades. Get the bath sorted, then the toilet and sink, and then finish it off with the tiling. It can be done, it will just cost time as well as money in this instance. If you are really stuck for money, you’ll need to assess cost and save up. This can help you as a piecemeal upgrade isn’t easy and can restrict the use of the bathroom.


Upgrading the bathroom is worth it – so if you’re looking for a room to give you bang for your bucks, it is the bathroom!

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