Oxfam Dressed by the Kids Day – #DressedByTheKids

Oxfam is possibly one of the most well-known charity organisations in the UK. Their Dressed By The Kids campaign was so popular last year, that they’re doing it all over again!

This Friday 16th June, Dressed by the Kids is back, and does exactly what it says on the tin: your kids get to dress you for the day. And yep, that means the whole day. No cheating, and taking your outfit off after ten minutes. The campaign is about the nation getting seriously silly for one day, and raising money for a great cause.

Oxfam is a charity that improves the lives of those living in poverty. They help to build up communities, and provide villages with safe drinking water, something that we take for granted every single day.

They help adults to support their children, and help children go to school to lget an education.

How can you help?

£10 could buy chickens (otherwise known as egg factories) for a hungry family.

£27 could help to train a teacher so that more children can be educated.

There are still 1 billion people in poverty all over the world. And you can help, by participating in something as simple as being dressed up by your children.


The date for registering has passed, but you can still spontaneously get involved on Friday 16th June! So find your children, ask them to pick an outfit for you to wear, and raise some money for Oxfam.

There are no rules! Let your kids pick the fluffiest, brightest and most ruffle-y outfit they can find in your wardrobe, and then collect your donations using JustGiving, or donate straight to Oxfam.

Download everything you need from www.oxfam.org.uk and show the world what your kids have achieved. Post your crazy outfit to any social media you can using the hashtag #DressedByTheKids, and don’t forget to tag @OxfamGB.

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