Why LA Should Be Your Next Holiday

LA LA Land is an incredible mix of health-conscious fitness addicts, and party loving fashionistas; making it a non-stop exciting getaway for you and your friends to visit. With so much to cram into your LA vacation; you’ll need to do a little prep and planning before you leave, to ensure you’ve ticked everything off your travel checklist, and have enough Insta-snaps to make those you’ve left at home jealous. The following are some ideas to help guide you through the incredible streets of LA.


Let’s start with the classic, old Hollywood part of Los Angeles. Visiting the Walk of Fame and the TCL Chinese theatre are a must-see, especially as it’s as close as you’re ever likely to get to Sharon Stone (well, her Hollywood Walk of Fame star sort of counts). It’ll be a bustling place full of performers from every walk of life, and will be an experience you’ll never forget. You’ll also be able to get some great photographs and there are plenty of souvenir shops to grab some tacky treats for the people you’re missing back at home.

For something with a little more culture, there is the $1 billion Getty Centre, which is a museum that’s full of galleries containing famous paintings and art projects, ancient antiques, and furniture exhibits galore. The Getty has put LA on the map when it comes to the art world. If you’re visiting the museum in the morning, you might want some retail therapy by the afternoon (to look at things you can actually afford), and Rodeo Drive is just the spot to find those trainers you spotted on Instagram at the airport.

You’ll want to ensure that you’ve packed everything you need and have all your admin stuff in check. If you’re concerned about your eligibility to travel to the U.S, you can check your application online, and don’t forget to ensure your passports in date and ready to take you to the West Coast! Pack yourself some swimming trunks (or Speedos, if that’s how you’re feeling), and head to Venice Beach Boardwalk to show off your body at Muscle Beach and by some original artwork, painted by the locals. Be prepared to experience an extremely laidback vibe and bohemian way of life while you’re there. For some of the best things to do in Venice Beach, take a look here: https://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/things-to-do/things-to-do-in-venice.

You’re probably pretty hungry by now, and fully aware of how little people walk around LA; they all get to their destinations by car, including their favourite spots to grab a bite to eat. One of the most famous, and favourite, food chains is In-N-Out Burger; the clue’s in the name, but it’s a fast food restaurant that sells traditional American burgers. It’s worth hiring a classic car for a couple of days and driving around to look at shops and, of course, visit a drive through In-N-Out; it’ll be another great photo opportunity, and, if you love cars and food, it’ll be one of the best memories of your LA trip.

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