The Future Of Your Kitchen is Now

I don’t know about you, but one thing that really upsets me in interior design are those old style pine kitchens. You know the ones with farmhouse doors in light pine that is varnished within an inch of its life. Unless you live in Sweden, or you are dedicated to a Little House on the Prairie look there really is no excuse for them. That is why something more futuristic, sleek, and modern appeals. An up to date kitchen is really the antithesis of the old fashion pine nightmares. But how can you make sure that you get this look spot on? Read on to find out.



One of the most pervasive features of a modern, sleek kitchen is that it is not only built-in, but all of the cabinets are perfectly aligned and flush. As this is what give it that modern, stylish finish that looks so pleasing to the eye.

However, this can really be an issue when you are installing them yourself. As it can be a nightmare to get everything to piece together and hang right.

Happily, there is something you can do to help you get this spot on. It’s a little trick with using a strong glue like the stuff you can get from Kenyon Adhesives to fix your cabinets and kitchen furniture together. Gluing them in this way helps them to keep their shape over a long period of time and continue to look sleek without you having to do any fixing or repair jobs.

Gloss finishes

Something that is really big in the modern kitchen field at the moment is gloss finishes. These can be used for either cabinets or work surfaces.

Basically, a gloss finish is one that shines and is reflective. They are particularly popular as they can help a space look modern and light like the one below.


However before you go the whole hog and make every kitchen surface in gloss, stop. As you do need to remember that while they look amazing when they are pristine and clean, they can be hard to keep that way.

Dirty fingerprints and smudges are notorious for showing up on gloss finishing. So you either need to be happy to buff them out regularly. Or you need to use gloss on a limited amount of items, just to accent the style of your kitchen.


Sleek handles

Something that every modern kitchen need is some well chosen and sleek handles for the draws and cupboards.

You can go for push open mechanisms, but the practicality of these is limited as they leave marks when you touch to open them.  See above as to why this is a bad thing!

Instead go for handles, usually in silver or coloured the same as the cabinet that it’s placed on. Long low profile handles work well, and you can choose ones that are square shaped, or cylindrical, depending on what you think will work best in your home.

Remember too that you can give your kitchen a quick and easy facelift by changing smaller things like the handles on your cupboards. As these are items that you can buy separately and for a relatively low cost.

Cooker hoods


One thing that can make all of the difference in a modern kitchen renovation is the cooker hood that you choose to use. Cooker hoods are practical items, as they extract the cooking smell and grease from the air in your kitchen making it a more pleasant environment to be in.

But the design aspect of them is often ignored. However, it is possible to get luxury models that look more like designer light fittings and chandeliers than boring old cooker hoods.

So make sure you don’t rule out your hood as an opportunity to include a stunning focal point in the room.

Using Tiles

Last, of all don’t forget about the tiles that you will want to use in your modern kitchen renovation. They could be on the floor, or even the walls and splash backs.

Tiles are so useful as they are easy to keep clean and they don’t mark when splashed with greasy or stains.

However, the tiles that you use need to be picked with care, as they are also something that can make your kitchen look dated very easily. That is why it’s best to go for the long flat rectangle tiles just around the food cooking and preparation area.


This is because these tiles are the most in vogue and the moment, and by only tiling a small area you can redo this when trends dictate. So it will keep your kitchen looking as up to date as possible.

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