Need Help Planning A Stag-Do This Summer? Look No Further!

You might be the best man, or simply the most organised out of the bunch, but either way, you’ve been entrusted with the crucial task of organising a fun-filled weekend for your soon-to-be-married friend. Being in charge of a stag do can be great fun, and means you get to decide what to do, where to go and what shade of pink to wear. However, organising a whole group of hot-blooded men can prove challenging, to say the least! And now you’ve got this important responsibility it might seem a little bit daunting! It can be tempting to decide to give yourself a mental note to organise the stag so further down the line and have a vague idea for a boozy weekend somewhere.

With a stag and a group of lads relying on your organisational skills, now is not the time to leave until the last minute, It’s time to prepare yourself with tips and tricks to keep everyone entertained. So, before you decide that you don’t need to plan anything apart from a weekend of solid drinking, remember, stag do’s need to have the right amount of planning as well. To make sure that your weekend is one that no-one will ever forget, you need to have the right amount of activities and entertainment, not just endless amounts of drinks. Although let’s be real you can have that as well!

I have put together a list of different activities that will entertain small to big groups, as well as hopefully providing some structure to your weekend!

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How better to enjoy the summertime with your mates than watching a Rugby match with a cold beer. The lively atmosphere in a stadium means that you don’t even have to organise anything apart than getting to and from the venue, and perhaps a few drinking games during… Before you do go, make sure you’re up-to-date with rugby news at Foxy Bingo Super League, as well as getting a roundup of who you will be watching and the venue before you start planning this event for the stag.


A stag do classic! There’s a reason grown up men enjoy shooting each other with paint and comparing bruises with each other. It’s because we’re all big kids at heart. It’s a barrel of laughs that will ensure everyone from the group who might not know one another, gets to do so. Make sure you plan this a few weeks before the wedding though because you are all likely to be covered in bruises and very sore!


Going to a local brewery and tasting what they have on offer is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening, mixing a bit of local drinking culture with…well, drinking. If you fancy going out in the evening, this can also be a fantastic way to warm up to this! If you need convincing, take a look here for ten reasons why you should check out craft beer!


Going to a casino can be an exciting, adrenalin-filled activity that is also an opportunity for you and your group to enjoy a little bit of old school glamour and make you feel just a little bit like James Bond. Depending on your budget, you can make this into a weekend stay or simply spend an evening at the casino. Do make sure you’re appropriately dressed and looking dapper though.


You will all have to work together to escape from a locked room, making the ‘escape room’ game a fantastic team building activity for a stag do. These types of scenarios are increasingly popular, and you can find them in most big cities, check out some here.


A BeerBike? Exactly what it says on the tin. A multi-passenger bike that everyone pedals while listening to music, waving at passers-by and of course, drinking beer. If you haven’t seen one or ridden one, then you’re missing out! A pub-on-wheels that allow you and your group to try out a unique traveling experience!


The journey rather than the destination is perhaps the point of a stag do. A party boat is one of the best examples of this, giving you one hell of a ride and a very unique drinking experience! The logistics of being a boat also ensures that members of your group don’t wander off and get lost!

These are just a few ideas for a fun-filled stag do and will have hopefully given you some inspiration! Try some of them, or if you have the time and the budget feel free to pick a few of them. Most of all, remember to enjoy yourself!

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