A Country Of Many Faces: The UK


The UK has always been famous for it’s ever changing weather. People think about rolling hills and woodlands when they consider the country. But, there’s more to this island than trees and bad weather. In fact, the UK is home to a huge range of different types of landscape. And, because the country is so small, they’re all nice and close together. This post will be going through three of the different types of landscape you’ll find in the UK, as well as the places you can find them. A trip visiting all of these places could comfortably take place over one to two weeks. So, it’s perfect for those that want to see loads in a short time.

You probably wouldn’t expect mountains to be on this list; but, they very much are. There are three predominant mountains in the UK. Starting with the biggest, Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdon in Wales. All three of these mountains can be climbed within 24 hours. And, this can make for a great challenge. The areas surrounding these huge natural structures are also beautiful; with lakes and natural areas.The weather at each of the mountains is usually cold; especially as you get higher. But, most people will be able to get by in simple winter clothing. So, everyone should be able to enjoy it.

Now, it’s time to think about some regions which the UK is truly famous for; its woodland. In the past, most of this country was covered in dense forest. Wolves and deer roamed free; along with loads of other beautiful creatures. Nowadays, there’s less of these stunning areas; but, some have been preserved. Camping in the New Forest is a staple for tourists wanting to get in touch with nature. But, you could consider going somewhere a little quieter. Most towns in the UK have woodland nearby. So, it’s easy to find somewhere to get in touch with your wild side. Some woodland areas even have hotels built in their hearts; so, you can enjoy the wonder in comfort.

Grasslands are very rare in the UK. Areas that are now cities used to be Woodland, and before that, many of these areas were beneath the sea. But, if you look hard enough; you can find them. A great example of grasslands in the UK can be found in the Cotswolds. This area is known for its natural appeal and breathtaking scenery. And, it’s nice and close to London; so, you don’t have to travel far from your landing point. It’s easy to find options like a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds to satisfy your needs. But, like the woodland areas of the UK, you can also camp in this sort of region.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start looking to the UK as your next vacation location. Most people don’t think about the different types of landscape the UK has to offer. And, this is a shame; most countries can’t give you so much with so little travel and cost.

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