Fixer Upper: Knowing What To Do When Things Go Wrong In Your Home

pexels-photo-186077.jpegEven the most smoothly run home can face problems now and then. Some problems are minor, and you may be able to overcome them without any help. But others are larger and require specialist knowledge. This is when you need to stop googling DIY quick fixes and call in a professional for a helping hand. Here are some common problems and the best ways to solve them to make sure that your home is functioning perfectly.

Fixing a Leak


Many of us will find that at some point we have a leaky pipe in our home. This most often occurs under kitchen or bathroom sinks. These kind of leaks are usually down to a worn out washer or a loose, faulty compression nut. The compression nut’s purpose is to seal the washer. If this is the cause of your leak, you can easily fix this yourself. First, turn off the water supply to your sink. Some have a switch near the sink; others will have a switch further away in the basement or mains supply. Once the water is off, place a bucket or a large bowl underneath the pipe. Twist off the compression nuts and rinse out the curved pipe. Replace the washer and screw the curved pipe back on. If this doesn’t work, chances are there’s a more complex problem. Now would be the time to call in a plumber. Plumbers to The Rescue will repair things in no time. They are an emergency service so that everything will be functioning perfectly again in no time. 

Silencing Squeaky Doors


Generally, you will find that creaks and squeaks are the specialty of doors outside: gates and shed doors in particular. This is because they are exposed to the elements, getting rusty from water exposure, which makes them stiff and sticky. This isn’t generally a problem indoors, as the doors within your home aren’t so exposed to water, frost and higher temperatures. But sometimes, factors such as humidity can wreak havoc on the doors in your home, resulting is noisy squeaks every time they swing. You can fix this yourself! Regularly inspect your doors to ensure that the hinges are tightly screwed. Use a screwdriver to tighten any loose hinges, as they may be the cause of the problem. If they still make a noise, they might have started to oxidize. This can be solved with a little lubricant. Cover the floor underneath the door to avoid spills and stains on carpets or wooden floors. Now add oil to the hinges. A little at first, then add more as is needed. You will have smoothly swinging doors in no time.



Unless you are an electrician, it is important that you leave any electrical problems and faults to be addressed by qualified professionals. You should never mess about with exposed wires. They can cause life-threatening injuries and deliver fatal shocks. Always call an electrician to solve any electrical fault. It may cost a little, but it’s worth it for your personal health and safety.

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