Why I Prefer Shopping for Clothes Online

Looking back at my new clothes purchases over the last couple of months, I noticed all of them had been bought online and it got me thinking “why do I never go out, try these things on and avoid waiting” and I think it mainly down to the brands and user experience of the sites. My favourite fitting t-shirts are from ASOS, trainers are always exclusive (and who can be bothered queuing up overnight for release) and most of the brands out there are unavailable on the high street, and you really have to dig deep to find the right shops.

Admittedly, you don’t get the novelty of searching through racks and finding hidden gems, and you do have to wait for arrival once handing over the cash, but it’s just so easy (and dangerous) to buy online, pretty much anywhere you want. I once bought a pair of trainers in the sale online whilst lying in bed on Christmas morning, this was before i’d even opened any presents or spoke to anyone.

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So what attracts me to a site, as there’s so many out there selling the same things? Well, as a fan of design, this is important in my decision of picking a site. The user experience needs to be spot on, if the layout catches my eye and I know it’s secure too then i’m there giving them money. If you’re looking for trainers then it’s END., Men’s Jumpers then it’s Shackleton and clothing in general you can’t go wrong with the likes of Farfetch (bit pricey though) and any individual independent brand sites.

One thing I do like about online shopping is the opportunity to check out reviews, in particular for things like trainers as sizing can be a problem depending on brands. Another good aspect when it comes to online shopping is the ability to use coupons and receive discounts for the clothes you wear, discounts on places like Macy’s with websites like https://www.raise.com/coupons/macys. One lucky thing about clothing is i’m usually the same height as the model so it’s great for picking the right size and avoid the pain of having to return an item. I do miss trying clothes on though…

What’s your top sites for buying clothes online then? Let us know in the comments below…

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