The Perfect Time of Year to Appreciate a Lazy Day

If you’re anything like me, then January and February are the worst months. You don’t have the excitement of Christmas, and things only start to look up as the nights draw out closer to Spring. You’ve also got that dreaded 5 week payday to contend with (it was all so exciting getting paid early but now we’re paying the price). So what exactly can you do to make these months a bit more exciting?

For me, it’s time to appreciate the smaller things in life, and one of them things is the ‘lazy day’. That day, usually a Sunday, where you do absolutely nothing all day and don’t have to feel guilty about it. This time of year is perfect for that as you’ve probably got no money and it’s freezing outside, so put on your comfies (I like these mens joggers personally), crack open a beer and annoy the hell out of Americans on Playstation online.

The ‘Lazy Day’ is the focus of this post as i’ve never really appreciated it or used it as actual plans. It’s okay to do nothing at the weekend and get excited about it, and it’s only this time of year i’ve noticed that. Everyones ‘Lazy Day’ is different of course, mine is focused around eating usually, and an 8 hour session on Football Manager to coincide with that. It’s such an addictive game that the odd hour through the week just isn’t enough. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve got the whole day ahead of you to smash out half a season and cement your status of local legend when getting someone like Bolton back in to the premier league.

It’s time to use these depressing months and turn them in to a time to chill out, save money and avoid getting the dreaded flu by staying in. The best thing to do is actually see it as a plan for the weekend. “What you up to this weekend?”, you don’t have to pretend you’ve got a life, “me? oh absolutely nothing and I couldn’t be happier”.

What does your ‘lazy day’ consist of? Let us know in the comments below…

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