The Top 5 Places You Never Thought Of Moving To

As you may know from the travel category of my blog, the summer just gone I was lucky enough to visit the country of Montenegro (Budva to be exact), which opened my eyes to that area of Europe and has since had a place in my heart. Whilst out there, I actually saw it as a place possible to live in, as opposed to the common places of Spain, France etc. and could see myself living there.

I was recently contacted by Expacare, who had read my post and were interested to find out more, along with some photos of my travels. I was delighted with the outcome and having Montenegro as one of their choices for Expats gave me a sense of pride, featured with places like South Africa and Dubai, so I’ve decided to share their infographic with you.

The small, but lively, old town of Budva was bustling with people in the summer seasons, with a variety of hostels and boutique hotels creating an international atmosphere of nationalities, with workers and restaurants speaking English it makes it easy for Expats to move out here. I didn’t know at the time, but the infographic below gives information on the low tax rates for businesses out there too. Who knows, maybe one day i’ll move to Montenegro 😉 …

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5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Places You Never Thought Of Moving To

  1. Definitely looking up Dubai for future reference. I was already considering due to my husband’s residence permit but it seems ever so tempting even if we weren’t in this situation.

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