How to Dress up for a Christmas Party

Do you want to be the best man on the Christmas Party in your office or look like a lousy colleague who doesn’t know how to party? Don’t care about both? You should, because the office Christmas Party might be a chance of impressing your top management or even the girl you’ve always had a soft spot for. Noose & Monkey have these incredible tips to help you win hearts on your Christmas party!

Decide What you Want to Wear

Go for a slim fit classy suit if you fancy dressing up formally. Wearing a simple waistcoat instead of a jacket would help you stand out among your colleagues.

Thinking of something more casual? Try patterns like check, dogtooth or houdstooth. Jeans and a suit jacket would be perfect for a casual yet classy look. Remember, colour combinations matter. A lot! Blue denims with a grey jacket or black denims with a brown jacket are the way to go.

It Really Starts from your Shoes

Yes, it’s true. If your shoes are not complementing your cool dress up, your classy personality won’t shine. Make sure you follow the latest fashion trends while selecting your footwear.

No socks! Yes, forget the cold and go without socks with your brown loafers. If you decide to go casual, brown boots or brogues would complete the smart informal look.
If it’s a black tie party, Oxfords or Derbys would be perfect to pull off your all black approach.

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Tie or No Tie?

It depends on the kind of party you’re going to. For a more casual party, you can ditch the tie and go with a stylish waistcoat only. Wear a tie for a more posh look at a formal event, a bow tie if it’s way too formal.


All right, now that you’re done with your apparel, go ahead and accessorise.

Wearing a tie? Where’s your tie clip? A pocket square matching your tie is a must for formal parties.
No clothing is complete without a watch. Find a watch with straps matching your belt and shoes. A metallic strap would look stylish on any party. Moreover, to add class to your formal wear, go for simple and shiny cufflinks.


Here are some simple tips on how you should dress up depending on the type of Christmas party you’re going to:


• A simple jeans and a suit jacket would work best with your denim
• A festive coloured tie would look elegant
• Go for boots or brogues


• Suit up completely. Get extravagant if you feel like
• Loafers with no socks
• Wear a waistcoat only if it complements your suit
• Don’t forget a nice tie clip and a pocket square

Black Tie

• Just like the name, go fully black!
• Wear Derbys and Oxfords
• A colourful pocket square would do if you really crave to add a little colour

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