6 Tips to Stay Motivated in the Gym

Something a little different on the blog this week, I’ve invited fellow male lifestyle blogger, Jack from My Take On Life to share his top tips on motivating yourself for the gym…

For some people going to the gym isn’t an enjoyable experience for a number of reasons, the main ones being lack of confidence and lack of motivation, but the best way to beat these feelings is to pick yourself up, get in the gym and make sure you stay motivated, doing this will help you enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

There are so many reasons why people aren’t motivated in the gym and it happens to all of us, I would find it hard to believe that there are people who go to the gym every day without struggle and feel completely motivated, however I could be wrong.


I really enjoy going to the gym and go around 4 times a week, but I do have them days where the last thing I want to do is go into a busy gym with no motivation what so ever.

It’s important to find ways that make you motivated in the gym and doing this will help you fully utilise the time you spend in the gym and most importantly you will feel better for going. After reading a few blog posts on gym motivation and giving you some of my tips, I’m going to create a list of some of the best ways to stay motivated in the gym.


For me this is the biggest motivator! It sounds stupid but you should try going to the gym without music and then trying it with, believe me there is a big difference and it makes the time go so much quicker. I have created my own playlist for the gym and it just makes the experience more enjoyable.



It can be really hard to go to the gym on your own so why not ask a friend to go with you, this way you can help each other and have a catch-up in between exercises.


Everyone goes to the gym for a reason, whether that be to lose weight or to tone up, so why not set weekly goals. If you wanted to lose weight then why not set yourself monthly weight loss targets? Once you step on the scales and see your losing weight it will make you want to carry on and work harder.

Personal Trainer

Now I know that personal trainers can be expensive but it could be something to look into, after all their trained to make you motivated and will give you the best possible guidance. As well as helping you in the gym they can also help you with the correct foods you should be eating which will benefit you in the long run.


Transformation Pictures

This is something that not everyone will want to do but if you stick to your gym routine and eat the correct foods then this will be one of the best forms of motivation. Start by taking a picture of what you look like before you start training. We all know that losing weight or gaining muscle doesn’t happen overnight so you need to work hard in the gym for a good few months, once you have done that take another picture of yourself and your motivation will come from what you looked like before compared to now.


Having a set routine isn’t necessarily a good thing as you can get into the same habits and find yourself getting bored and losing interest in going to the gym.

To prevent this why not create a plan of what workouts you’re going to do for the coming weeks? This means you’re not always doing the same things and you won’t slip into the same routine.

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