What I’m Listening To // November

In terms of my personal music taste, there’s been some big releases since my last playlist, including new Childish Gambino, a Tribe Called Quest album and The XX are back on the scene.

As i’ve made this a monthly feature now, here’s my playlist of tunes i’m currently listening to, and have been throughout October and November so far. Once again, this gives you and idea on the type of style that influences my posts. Enjoy.

1. Joey Bada$$ – Front & Center

I’m currently watching Narcos and if you are too, listen to this. Joey Bada$$ has rehashed the theme tune for this one 😉

2. Jay Prince – Father, Father

I only just found out about this guy last month and his ‘Smile Good’ EP is solid. From the UK too…

3. A Tribe Called Quest – We The People…

HAD to feature this, be rude not to. ATCQ are back and it’s all kinds of good.

4. Drake – Two Birds, One Stone

Included this as I copped Drake tickets for 2017 🙌 absolutely buzzing for it already.

5. Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

This is the main track for me on this playlist. Gambino is up there with my favourite rappers (and all around humans to be fair, watch Atlanta), so i’m too excited for December 2nd album release.

6. SOHN – Conrad

Really like SOHN since the album ‘Tremors’ and this latest track is no different, perfect to soundtrack Autumn really.

7. The XX – On Hold

I’m also glad these guys are back, what a great return with this track. Hits you in the feels.

8. Shanghaied – Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke has just worked on the soundtrack for ‘Watch Dogs 2’ and this is the opener from that.

9. GoldLink – See I Miss Pt. 2 (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

I seem to put GoldLink in each month’s playlist to be fair, but he keeps bringing out great tracks. Nice and chilled out this one.

10. Bonobo – Kerala

Bonobo, enough said really.

11. Cameron Alan – How I Feel

Really nice track and follows the theme towards the end of this playlist. Nice vocals and beat.

12. Lido – Catharsis

Lido is blowing up right now so had to include this off the latest album. Pretty chilled like the whole album is.

13. DUVV & Su Na – Worry

I don’t know anything about this track but I stumbled upon it on Spotify and was instantly hooked. Give it a listen for sure.

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